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Shooting Instant Photos as Windows into the Real World


If you have an instant camera, have you ever tried taking digital photos of the prints right after you made them? For his series titled “Instax Windows“, Shawn McClung carries around a digital camera and snaps a digital photo of his Fuji Instax prints right after they’re taken, with the scene in the print lined up with the real world.

My technique of taking a picture with my Fuji Instax instant camera, waiting for it to develop, and then taking a picture with my fisheye and having the Instax photo in the frame as close to where it should be as possible. This creates almost a see-through effect. [#]

This could also be a fun idea for some creative portraiture (like in the second photo). To see more of McClung’s “Instax Window” photos, check out this Flickr set.

Instax Windows (via Photojojo)

Image credit: Photographs by Shawn McClung and used with permission