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Visited.org – YouTube Videos by Keyword


This isn’t related to photography, but it’s something that I’m working on, so I thought I’d share it with you all.

Visited.org is a new website that allows you to watch YouTube videos voted on by keyword. Anyone can submit a YouTube link and a single word they think describes the video (i.e. “funny”, “scary”, “amazing”, “interesting”), and others can vote on whether the keyword describes the video well.

If a video is popular enough, it gets promoted to the front page and to the keyword page. This hopefully makes it so you can just sit down and watch exactly the kind of video you want to see, without all the other noise and garbage that other websites (i.e. YouTube’s browse) are filled with.

I’m building this service for a class here at UC Berkeley, but it’s also an experiment to see if this kind of submission and voting system works well for surfacing quality videos. It’s a community-powered website, so if any of you have time to submit videos you enjoy or vote on videos other people submitted, we’d appreciate the help!

We need some early users to get this thing rolling. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions in the comments here.