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10 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Camera

Outdoor and travel photographer John Greengo has spent years behind the counter of a camera store, helping people with their camera purchases. In this 8-minute talk, Greengo shares 10 of the biggest and most common mistakes he sees people making when shopping for a new camera.
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Training a Newbie in One Week to Fake It as a Pro Photographer

Kai Wong over at DigitalRev recently conducted this interesting experiment in which they spent a week training a newbie photographer — an IT guy without any background — to go up head-to-head in a studio environment against an actual photographer. The goal was to see whether they could fake it well enough so that one of Hong Kong’s top photographers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in quality.

Tamron Launches YouTube Series for Newbies

This past Monday, Japanese lens corp Tamron launched a new 12 week video series on their YouTube channel geared towards helping beginners understand their equipment. Each video is 1 minute long, and will cover topics such as white balance, RAW vs. JPEG, and more. Once this introductory series is complete, they plan on posting intermediate and advanced videos as well.

If you just got a DSLR and would like to be brought up-to-speed for a minute a week, then this might be a YouTube channel to subscribe to.

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