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One-of-a-Kind Lens Bracelets Made from Vintage Aperture and Focus Rings


Stefaan duPont and his girlfriend set out to travel the world for a year in March 2012, taking their cameras with them and leaving their careers as designers behind. That year served only to intensify duPont’s love of photography, and when he returned, he mixed that love with another of his passions: taking stuff apart.

What resulted was a series of one-of-a-kind vintage camera lens bracelets created using old aperture and focus rings — first made as gifts for family and friends, and now available to purchase. Read more…

Retro f/stop Lens Bracelets Based on Old Nikon Lenses

If Adam Elmakias’ lens bracelets aren’t retro enough for you, is now selling these f/stop lens bracelets featuring a colorful design based on old Nikon/Nikkor lenses.
Read more…

Geeky Lens Focal Length Gel Bracelets

Photographer Adam Elmakias created these geeky lens gel bracelets to help photo-enthusiasts show off their love of photography. They come in a range of focal lengths, and cost $10 apiece over in his online store.

Here’s a selection of photos showing people sporting these bracelets.

Lens Bracelets (via Gizmodo)