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The Big Hands: Yet Another Teaser for Nikon’s Mirrorless Camera?

All signs point to a Nikon mirrorless camera announcement at midnight tonight and, after Nikon’s strange “I AM COMING” proclamation yesterday, another strange teaser has emerged that appears to be related to the camera. People in Europe have received postcards with the words “THE BIG HANDS”, and a link to the website

The video above was also uploaded to YouTube a couple days ago, showing gigantic sculptures erected around the world that appear to show hands holding a small invisible camera. Maybe after the announcement giant Nikon mirrorless cameras will be placed in the hands…

21.09.2011 (via Nikon Rumors)

Nikon Says “I Am Coming”, Counts Down to Mirrorless Unveiling

Nikon has set up a teaser page titled “I AM COMING”, with a countdown that ends on Wednesday September 21. With all the rumors that have been floating around, it would be pretty shocking if this wasn’t the company’s mirrorless camera announcement. Looks like Nikon couldn’t snag the domain name “”, though — the teaser is at

I AM COMING (via Nikon Rumors)