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Google Street View Photos, ASCII Style

Ascii Street View is a web app by programmer Peter Nitsch that converts Google Street View panorama photos into ASCII art in real time. Load up the app and type in your address to see your location displayed as colorful characters. There’s also a “green” option that produces images that are reminiscent of The Matrix.

Ascii Street View (via Laughing Squid)

Atari Compugraph Foto: An ASCII Art Photo Booth

Did you know that Atari was once in the “photo” making business? In 1975 — 3 years after it’s founding — the young video game company launched the Compugraph Foto, a large coin-operated machine that snapped photos and printed them out as ASCII portraits. Subjects stood in front of a monitor showing their face and then pressed a series of buttons, triggering the 950-pound machine to print out the portrait as a 14×11-inch “photo” on computer paper.
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Recreate Your Photographs Using Text is a neat little web and iPhone app that recreates photographs using colored text. Simply drag and drop a photograph from your computer onto the page to get started. The image above is a photograph of Crater Lake that we turned into text using the letters from “PetaPixel”. (via