Norwegian Photojournalist Aids Gaza Strike Victim, Takes Breath, and Resumes Shooting

It helps to have experience with first aid when you’re working as a photojournalists in conflict areas, and the intense video above is one example showing why. [warning: there’s some blood]

On July 16th, Norwegian photojournalist Harald Henden was filming a report outside his hotel in Gaza City when there was an explosion at a beach just a few hundred yards from where he was standing.


The incident can be seen 1m53s into the video above. After going to the scene to capture photographs, Henden noticed a wounded Palestinian child in the area, so he put his camera aside to dress the child’s wounds, and carried the boy to paramedics waiting by an ambulance.

Henden then pauses, takes a deep breath, and begins photographing the same wounded boy he just aided.

Credits: Video and stills by Harald Henden, Verdens Gang, Norway

  • Thekaph

    Petapixel, you are asking for it. (cf. political fight below).

  • Jason Yuen

    Why? There’s no bias. It’s a remarkable documentation of a heroic photojournalist saving the life of a young boy.

  • Thekaph

    I was just kidding, I should have had a :). :)

  • Jason Yuen

    I see. :)

  • Woody ONeal


  • Norrafi

    Salute, I hope you’re save & the world will open eyes.

  • bbear

    I was reminded of the scenes of the Boston bombing: watching the photojournalists who were there to cover a routine sporting event suddenly turn into warzone correspondents, I watched them seamlessly switch from taking photos to dragging twisted bits of metal out of the way to help out the rescuers. My respects to war correspondents like Harald Henden: who manage to retain their humanity in the most inhumane of situations.

  • NDT001

    Respect. Most of us will never face a situation like this. Makes you wonder how you would react. Maybe instinct just kicks in…

  • Bill Binns

    Forgive te off topic question but…… I an age when cell phones are capable of shooting hours of 4k video, why are the video cameras that serious video journalist carry still so huge? It looks like these guys are running through war zones with equipment from the Ron Burgandy era.

  • charlesrlee

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    because who would air crap cell phone camera footage when you can get way better footage from a real camera. 4k means nothing on a cellphone.

  • t k

    control, versatility, stability, i/o, compatibility with the tv networks workflow?

  • Bill Binns

    Jesus – you read that as me suggesting that journalist use cell phones to shoot video?

    Modern electronics have miniturized just about everything except broadcast video cameras which are roughly the same size as they were in 70’s and 80’s. Huge shoulder mounted beasts that look like they weigh 60 pounds.

  • Vaughaag

    I would add backup/redundancy and much better low light shooting. Smartphones can save footage to one location generally speaking, the pro cameras will have several options including internal storage and sd card etc.