Striking Hyperlapse Captures Construction of the 100ft ‘Kelpies’ Sculptures in Scotland


Andy Scott‘s dramatic ‘Kelpies‘ sculptures near Falkirk, Scotland are only a week away from their official unveiling, which prompted Helix to unveil one of the most epic construction time-lapses we’ve ever seen to show the massive 100ft sculptures come to life.

A kelpie, for those who aren’t familiar, is a supernatural water horse from Celtic folklore that, according to our friends at Wikipedia, “is believed to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland.”

These massive sculptures aren’t going to be haunting anything… at least we don’t think they are… but they do have a haunting, menacing quality to them that will surely attract tourists from all over the world to gaze upon the gorgeous art installation.

Here’s the construction hyperlapse from Helix. Only the first half covers actual construction, the second half (starting at about 3:00) consists entirely of beautiful shots of the completed works:

And if that video isn’t enough, here is some (slightly shaky) aerial footage courtesy of YouTube user scottishmotorman and a gorgeous, calm spring evening:

If you happen to be in the area, the final sculptures will open up for public viewing officially on April 21st. For more info on the sculptures themselves or to browse through Scott’s entire portfolio, head over to the official Kelpies website by clicking here.

(via Colossal)

Thanks for sending in the tip, Mike!

  • phil

    incredible video and amazing sculpture.

    can we get operative definitions for timelapse vs. hyperlapse? to me, this seems like a regular timelapse.

  • Jono

    hyperlase refers to a timelaspe video where the camera is moving while a timelapse is where the camera is stationary

  • etothej

    I agree with you phil, we should get a definition of the difference between timelapse and hyperlapse. I would classify this as timelapse, because the camera is maybe moving but not ‘travelling’. But then the question remains: where does moving end and travelling start?


    Camera to a rail/dolly on wheels = motion timelapse. Camera moved on tripod/handheld/walking = hyperlapse.

  • Aezreth

    Stunning sculptures!

  • kassim


  • Gordon JC Pearce

    I live about 20 miles away from these and drive past a couple of times a week. When I spotted the 3m-high maquettes in front of the waterways building I thought they were pretty cool. Then one day there were a couple of low-loaders dropping off huge excavators, then a big hole, then mixers filling it in with concrete, then a steel skeleton being erected – could it be? Yes, a pair of 30m high sculptures! It’s great watching it come together in a few minutes, having seen them come to life over several months.

  • Matt

    Really lucky, those look fantastic.