Ben Von Wong Kicks off Inspirational Video Series from SmugMug in Style

If you feel the Internet is short on inspirational content for budding photographers, then the folks at SmugMug have got something awesome in store for you. It’s called SmugMug Films, and starting with the Benjamin Von Wong video above, the series will give you a glimpse into the lives of some of the most extraordinary and inspirational photographers of our time.

It’s no secret we’re good friends with Benjamin. His fantasy work has fascinated us from the get-go and he never shies away from sharing the motivational message that you should follow your passion and dreams like he did when he left a career as a mining engineer to become a photographer.

But our favorite thing about Ben is that he manages to keep the message fresh, and inspire us with each re-telling. It’s obvious that his love of photography has only grown as his career has expanded, and so each time he delivers the message, he does so with renewed vigor and a greater understanding and appreciation of his journey. That’s what made him the perfect photographer to debut this series of videos that we are so excited to share with you in the coming months.


As he says in the video:

I think that if you start doing the things that you love, and you start sharing the things that you love, then sooner or later, people start hiring you to do the things that you love; for your passion, your vision, for what makes you unique, and because you’re the only person that can do whatever that thing is because you love it so much.

So if you find yourself low on inspiration today, be sure to check out the video above and head over to the SmugMug blog to read a more in-depth interview that they did with Ben.

Also, don’t forget to check back often as the next installments roll in. Names like Chris Burkard, Scott Kelby, Sarah Lee and Jessica Ambats are in the queue, and SmugMug has offered us some exclusive coverage we are DEFINITELY going to be taking them up on.

  • Noah


  • MS

    Von Wrong!

  • Burner

    Oh! So it’s Burning Man photography. Why didn’t you just say so!

  • cmacaskill

    Ben Von Wong and this video are my inspiration for 2014.

  • Benjamin Von Wong

    Thanks for sharing Cade, :D I love this video, they made me sound like a super star

  • Eugene Chok

    he’s one of the new breed of online photography superstars, so far unlike the others he hasn’t been busted plagiarizing and he has actual good work

  • Maay

    Benjamin I love your work ! Please go on doing what you love, you do it so well.

  • troll

    I do like his works, but Petapixel does a good job as his PR that I have to wonder if there’s any behind the scenes shenanigans. You do whore him out quite a lot, DL…