Exposure: A New Web Service for Creating Beautiful Photo Narratives


The key to creating a good photo-based service is to fill a need that isn’t being filled by any other app or website — a task increasingly difficult as more and more players enter the market. Still, once in a while someone stumbles on an idea that is just the right mix of concepts to create a service really worth your while, and Exposure seems to be just that.

Whereas services like Smugmug or Flickr are there to help you store and share individual photos or sets, and services like Medium are focused on creating magazine style content that is, in many ways, text driven, Exposure hits a happy medium:

Exposure is for photographers who want a more meaningful and effortless way to publish their work — in the context of a narrative, instead of a feed or single photo on a permalink page.


By offering users an incredibly straight-forward interface, Exposure enables them to create beautiful photo-driven stories that a standard photo sharing site just can’t match. And while text does necessarily play a part in any storytelling platform, photography takes center stage in this service that prides itself on creating something stunning in its simplicity.

As they describe it:

Our “what you see is what you get” editor lets you craft your post exactly as others will see it. Drag and drop to create photo sets laid out in beautiful grids that look great on every device. Write some content, add a title, and hit Publish to share your story with the world.

Posts are completely responsive and are as gorgeous on your iPhone as they are on a giant display, all the while keeping your photography front and center, arranged into grids automatically laid out to make your photos look amazing together.


Exposure is the brainchild of designer Luke Beard and engineer Kyle Bragger with San Francisco startup Elepath. There is no ad-driven free model here. If you want to try Exposure you can create three posts for free, but a $9 per month or $99 per year subscription is required to earn you a true membership and everything that comes with.

The way Elepath sees it, “Far too many services start free in an effort to sign up as many users as possible, only to eventually surround your content with ads to try to keep the lights on.” Exposure avoids this altogether, by offering “unlimited publishing, as well as many soon-to-be-launched premium features” to subscribers, and only a trial of sorts for free.

To give it a shot for yourself or learn more about the service, head over to Exposure’s website by clicking here. Fair warning though, chances are good you’ll really love what you see, and find yourself $9 poorer each month for it.

(via The Verge)

  • tubetoprocker

    i signed up. i tested it and loved it.

  • Adam Cross

    oh! I know Luke, well this is awesome ^_^

  • LukeBeard

    Kyle is the engineer on the product, he’s not a half bad designer though : ) Thanks for the post.

  • N+D Photography

    Looks very similar to VSCO’s design!

  • tubetoprocker

    Congrats on creating this. In a few minutes you can create a shareable photo set with context. I just love the idea vs just sharing an album of photos on Facebook. I think 500px tried to do something similar with “Stories” but they failed to execute it the way you did here. I love it.

  • DLCade

    We’ve edited the post so Kyle is properly attributed, thanks for the heads up! And thanks for giving us something awesome to share :)

  • Max

    Pretty bland, plain and ugly actually. No ability to watermark or sell your work either. Great of you just want to give your work away.

  • Max

    Oh.. and the trial allows you to upload 3 images. Utterly useless.

  • Monteraz

    Sir, that is not true, 3 posts (sets with all the images you want), not 3 images.

  • Monteraz

    I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. Just make it 5 bucks a month and is perfect.

  • Clayton Finley

    just signed up as well.
    soon ( sometime this week according to kyle ) you will be able to use your own domain names.

    For me, easily worth the $100 a year to have my own site that I don’t have to spend time editing lines of code and all that junk. Drag, drop, done, and good enough for a mostly hobby photographer like myself. the site scales perfectly for mobile and tablet users, no ads, unlimited storage.

    Only thing I don’t like I wish we could have a bit more text space, or maybe an option for uploading a small blog type post, but thats okay for now. ( or be able to re-arrange the post order )

  • Casey McCallister

    With the new web being full of share this, ads, and other useless cluster, Exposure is a welcoming sigh of relief and beautifully done.

  • imajez

    You can re-order the images or sets of images via the arrow on right in edit mode. If that’s what you mean.
    Just been playing around with Exposure -it has potential.

  • Jake Lodwick

    Watermarking! LOL.

  • Bill Bentley

    $10 for this is too much IMO. How does this differ from Blogger or WordPress? Would much rather have the flexibility those sites offer and at no charge. 500px sucked me in for a 1 year membership which just expired. Not gonna be fooled again.

  • tubetoprocker

    What I see as the benefit over WordPress is that to get this sort of functionality and beautiful look you would have to buy a custom template and then code it up. This is drag and drop, is responsive and looks awesome. Also, they only just started this out so there will be more feature and functionality included.

  • Bill Bentley

    Lots of free WordPress themes available it seems. I also found a plugin that lets you connect your Filkr gallery (Photostream or Sets) right into your web site. I agree there is a convenience factor involved here but the price is too high for what you’re getting imo. Show me the upcoming features first, then I “might” pay. This company could be under within 12-18 months, who knows.

  • Guest

    You had my interest, until I found out that oddly that there is no support for videos or a way to simply embed videos. One would imagine that for $99 a year that to be possible? I see no push toward printing these narrative pages, so what’s the deal?

  • Clayton Finley

    yeah, I saw that, i was hoping we can arrange the order of the picture squares on the ‘home’ page. it just post the newest first, with a featured. I set mine up with catagories, so one for family, christmas, etc, but hate that I can’t have older post with newer pictures first.

  • Sébastian Dahl

    I agree this is quite important. I like to embed maps on my stories and I couldnt’t do this with Exposure, if I understood correctly.
    I think I would be using Sqarespace if I didn’t have Prosite included in my Adobe CC membership.