Instagram Fills Up with Batkid Photos as SF Helps Bring a Young Boy’s Dream to Life


Yesterday a young boy named Miles, better known now as Batkid, inspired the world and probably became the most photographed child on Earth, if only for a day. You see 5-year-old Miles has been battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia since he was 20 months old, and when the Make-a-Wish foundation asked him what his wish was, he said he wanted to be Batman.

Well, you don’t tell a 5-year-old no, and so the Bay Area Make-a-Wish foundation and 12,000 volunteers set to work turning San Francisco into Gotham city, and making sure that everyone who ran across this story today would break down into uncontrollable tears of joy…



If you got onto Instagram or Twitter yesterday, you probably saw at least one reference or photo of Batkid posted under the hashtag #SFBatkid (almost 15,000 photos went up on Instagram alone). That’s because the city of San Francisco, Make-a-Wish and 12,000 volunteers pulled out all the stops to make this happen, and then kept going.

What started as a local event picked up on social media so quickly that soon, the Department of Justice and the President himself got involved:


Over the course of his adventure-packed day, Miles Batkid and a full-sized Batman took a tricked out Lamborghini Batmobile to several locations where Batkid: disabled a bomb to save a damsel in distress, foiled the Riddler as he was trying to rob a bank, and rescued the San Francisco Giants’ mascot, who was being held captive by Penguin at AT&T park.






His day ended with a trip to City Hall where he met the mayor and was given a key to the city for his heroics. And if that wasn’t enough, there were also 1,000 special editions of the SF Chronicle printed in which none other than Clark Kent regaled readers with tales of Batkid’s heroics.


We’ve included some of the best photos Make-a-Wish captured over the course of the day here, but you really want to look up the hashtag and browse through all the content yourself… no worries, you have our permission to cry uncontrollably while you do it.


Miles got his wish, and we’re happy to be able to tell you that Miles’ Leukemia is in remission, but there are many more kids who are waiting to have their wishes granted today.

So before you do any anything else, head over to the Make-a-Wish foundation to donate to their incredible cause so that more stories like this can clutter our Twitter and News Feeds, and then click here and here to see all of the Tweets and Instagram photos that went out hashtagged #SFBatkid yesterday… there are a lot more amazing photos where these came from.

(via SLR Lounge)

Image credits: Photographs courtesy of the San Francisco Make-A-Wish Foundation

  • Omar Salgado

    En tanto causa, me ha dejado sin palabras. En tanto fotografía, esta causa merecía unas mejores fotografías, definitivamente.

  • harumph

    Obviously a great story, but objectively speaking, these are all horrible photographs.

  • Jake

    I dunno, that one of The Riddler being arrested seems like an artful homage to seconds before the famous shot of Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassination.

  • summer chick

    And this is the way things should be! People helping people…YAY!!!

  • harumph

    I was almost going to add that the Riddler shot at least had potential. Great moment, lousy capture.

    I mean, not to be a spoilsport, but the article did say that these were “some of the best photos” captured over the course of the day. And this is a photography site, so…

  • D.G. Brown

    There is only one Batventador, but the one they used was still cool :)

    And I LOVE the touches on that special edition newspaper!!!

  • Tommy Sar

    Ugh… All my feels… They have been Kersplat’d and unfh’d.

  • A.J.

    Oh my god, who cares about the quality of the photos.
    That isn’t the point.

    Of course, some f*cking sh*thead just had to come in here and take a dump on this story in any way they could.

    Stay classy Petapixel.

  • christine zimmer

    Way to go batkid that’s really great to have a crime fighter like you around one day maybe you can stop some crime in vancouver bc canada . Thank you for your bravery

  • christine zimmer

    To all you haters out there why don’t you all smarten up and just be happy for miles the batkid, and way to go to the wish foundation it is so nice to see these kids so happy. Give a thank you to everyone involed

  • superduckz

    You know… maybe we’re NOT all doomed. Nicely done San Fran!

  • harumph

    This is a photography website, and the context in which this story is being presented here is to show “some of the best photos Make-a-Wish captured over the course of the day.” These are terrible photos. And it’s a shame, because this is an amazing story that deserved better coverage. Almost 15,000 photos went up on Instagram and these are some of the best?! So yes, the quality of the photos does matter. This is a great reminder of the value of truly talented photographers.

    But the cursing and namecalling? Now that’s classy.

  • facepalm

    Petapixel trolls also request what camera, lens, ISO, …

  • stevengrosas

    I hardly ever see a positive comment on Petapixel. I hate how the photography community is so negative in every article, even when it’s conveying a positive message. This place is a mess and so are the negative people here. I’m glad I don’t have to many friends who are into photography, it’s better that way.

  • A.J.

    I only curse & namecall when it matters.
    And yes, you’re a f*cking sh*thead.

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    I agree that there are a lot of negative commentators on PetaPixel who criticize and try to tear people down. But I don’t know that I would paint them as representative of the “photography community.” Maybe the positive people are just too busy having fun and doing good with their photography to comment much.