Photographers Rejoice: Adobe Unveils a $10/Month Photoshop CC and LR Plan


When Adobe announced its shift to a subscription-only model earlier this year, there was an outcry from photographers who balked at the idea of paying over $20 a month to use Photoshop CC. There were soon murmurings that the company was brewing a special subscription package geared specifically toward photographers.

Today, that package became a reality. Adobe has announced a new Photoshop Photography Program, a more affordable subscription plan that gives photographers access to the software they can’t (or don’t want to) live without.

The new plan was announced today at the Photoshop World conference in Las Vegas. For $9.99 a month, you’ll be given access to Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Behance, and 20 gigabytes of cloud storage in the Adobe Creative Cloud.


The offer, which isn’t simply an “introductory offer,” will be available to anyone who currently owns Photoshop CS3 or higher. You’ll be able to sign up for it through December 31st, 2013 once Lightroom 5.2 is announced in “a couple weeks.”

If you’re already paying $20 a month to subscribe to Photoshop CC, you’ll be automatically switched to the new cheaper rate if your account shows that you own a qualifying previous version of the software.

  • Rob Elliott

    Ya I’m still confused about this.

    I passed on purchasing CS6 last year (next month) because I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it in my work flow. I also kinda figured where this was going (though didn’t expect the price gouge)

    So I have CS6 but I have it via creative cloud.. so do I own it in Adobe’s eyes or not?

    Because from where I’m sitting it looks as though I’m being screwed because I’m an early adopter.

    Had I bought CS6 flat out for 699 and waited for this offer I would pay 699 my first year then, 120, 120, 120, 120.. (assuming no price increase) That is 1180 (or $235 a year) as a CC consumer if pay 240 a year plus $79 for my Lightroom upgrade here and there (lets say every two years) so 240 319 240 319 240 that is 1350 (or 271 a year) heck even over four years the month average is higher for me because I choose to adopt early.

    Heck I can’t even save the $79 upgrade for Lightroom because I still have to pay the 19.99 a month for the single app which doesn’t include Lightroom.

    This is a giant kick in the pants to a first time Adobe purchaser and early adopter of creative cloud.

  • Rabi Abonour

    I think this deal is only for one year.

  • Rabi Abonour

    What are you talking about? All your files can be stored locally.

  • Rob Elliott

    You have to sign up by December 31st, but Adobe is saying that this is not a promotional price but the regular permanent price..

    (Though nothing is stopping them from raising the price down the road. Which I suspect they will do otherwise they would have offered the same LR deal to everyone on PS Single App as well at the current price)

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Woosh is the sound of the OP’s question going right over Rabi’s head

  • nerdbomber

    What’s the pricing for non-owners of CS3 or later? I couldn’t find this information on their website and FAQ.

  • nerdbomber

    Photographer’s should NOT rejoice. Paying to subscribe to use software is an utterly ridiculous notion.

  • Rob Elliott

    This offer isn’t being made to them.
    So a Single App Ps CC sub is 19.99 a month (USD)
    And then you buy Lightroom seperately or
    You get the Full CC sub at $49.99 gets you everything, including Lightroom.. which is only included in CC this way.. but you would be paying $30.00 extra a month for something that is a $79 dollar a year at most. (after the intial purchase)

  • harumph

    How are you calculating $2500?

  • Eugene Chok

    cleverly they gave me cloud and i got addicted to premier … sneaky buggers now i cant live without it :(

  • Chris Savoie

    The $2500 number was an exaggeration meant to convey how skewed the previous pricing plans were in terms of value vs cost vs risk-of-piracy.

    As a professional it’s simple to justify an expense of that size to run a business, but as a 14 y/o adolescent interested in pursuing design as a career path it just wasn’t justifiable – Especially in an age when software piracy was so accessible and without consequence.

    It takes years to develop the skill with a tool required to satisfy your own tastes, and before that it’s hardly certain that the arts are a viable choice to make a living from. It’s hard to stick with a discipline past this point which is probably why I’m useless with a pencil or paint brush.

    With digital arts software I was able to impress myself within months. It’s that kind of experimentation that young people need access to. And now that the CC is cheaper than a subscription to World of Warcraft, it’s much more accessible for the next generation of artists.

  • Courtney Navey

    the only thing worse than getting screwed in a big way is getting screwed big time, then told it won’t happen again only to find out you’re still gonna get screwed. whether it’s $20 a month or $10 a month i’d rather just buy the software. LR upgrade only cost $79 anyway so it’s hardly a great deal. adobe isn’t doing us any favors here. and anyone who has to have every version of PS has deep pockets anyway so i don’t count them in this debate. total BS from a company that is built on BS. i’m sure there will be some smart@ss comment about what i’ve said so just save it for someone who cares.

  • harumph

    “The $2500 number was an exaggeration meant to convey how skewed the previous pricing plans were in terms of value vs cost vs risk-of-piracy.”

    I have no idea what you mean by “vs risk-of-piracy,” but unless you’re going to debate with actual numbers, your argument is meaningless.

  • Rob Elliott

    The old upgrade pricing model worked out to be (Photoshop and Lightroom only) $699 and $149 for initial entry and then $199 Bi-annually (18 months but every 2 years is doable) and $79 annually (thus far)

    over 20 years that is a total cost of $4420 dollars if you get every upgrade and they keep making them like this and the pricing stayed the same.

    over 20 years on the PS CC single app is $4800 and Lightroom is $1730 totally $6530 dollars.

    Even if the old pricing was high it was still cheaper then the Sub model.

    Oh and if you bought CS6 last year like I choose not to do thinking early adopters would be rewarded not punished. My cost over 20 years (assuming they keep the price the same which I’m sure won’t happen) $3248 (including the price of a full retail price of CS6 and assuming you already had a retail copy of Lightroom after the price drop)

  • Uncle Onyango

    Adobe’s greed and paranoia are destroying whatever brand loyalty we had left. Renting software??? Pass. I’ll buy the upgrade to CS6 for my [legally purchased] Production Premium bundle and then Adobe can go fornicate a modem.

  • Uncle Onyango

    You’re an idiot. To update my Production Premium CS5 bundle to CS6 is only about $800 or $900 so take your gross exaggerations and shove’em up your ill-informed cloud.

  • Uncle Onyango

    Uh, I’ve been paying retail for my Adobe products since the 90’s and what Adobe is doing now is nothing short of greedy betrayal.

  • Rob Elliott

    I was hoping for the same, this also suggest that even those this isn’t a “limited time price” they will eventually raise the price and using it to “trick” people in to subscribing for a year and then next September double the regular price and state you have to have Lightroom 5 to get the upgrade price to Lightroom 6 and the Lightroom 5 library can’t be loaded into Lightroom 4 or earlier thus forcing all those that do sub to either continue at twice the price or pay twice upgrade cost for a full retail version of Lightroom 6 or loose their Lightroom libraries.

  • HarpAttack

    The article mentions the package of software which includes Lightroom. Capture One competes directly with Lightroom and is way more robust as a RAW file editor but it’s a serious memory hog and still has many stability issues. Their own facebook page threads corroborate this fsct. It’s too bad, really. It smokes Lightroom when it’s not running buggy. And of course Capture One is not intended to do a fraction of the things that can be done in Photoshop, it’s still the best RAW editor out there.

  • ijujiu

    How the hell is £17 a month cheaper than WOW ?
    Not everyone here is a longer term user of photoshop. Some of us are new, and the idea of paying out £17 a month just for access to one bit of software is just pure crazy. You can not tell me that Photoshop requires more development resource than WOW for example, because that’s just pure BS!

  • BGhost

    This is all interesting. I cancelled a CS6 academic order ($300) for an academic price on LR5 ($79). I guess for $120/year I can get both (I also have CS5 on a PC). But I now wonder if this is per PC, or per login (as only one login at a time).

  • Rabi Abonour

    How so? If you end your subscription, you still have access to your PSDs and can edit them in a program capable of handles PSDs. What am I missing?

  • YS

    If you were a 14 year old pursuing design as a career, you’d be in school, and thus eligible for CS suites for ridiculously low prices.

  • nerdbomber


    If you want your core customer base to come back, you better get rid of that ridiculous subscription-based business model. I, for one, will NEVER pay to subscribe to use software.

    To everyone reading this,

    Please let your voices be heard by not giving Adobe a penny of your money until they come to their senses and abandon their subscription-based model. Not until their company’s stock goes down and their profits dwindling will they begin realize the power that we have as customers.

  • geeeque

    a REAL photographer doesn’t even need a camera.

  • Brad Trent

    As a particular vocal opponent to Adobe’s entire Creative Cloud scheme from the jump, I see this as a move on the right direction, but it still doesn’t address the very big issue of being able to access and edit your files…and by that I mean layered TIFFs and PSD files…after you have jumped off “The Cloud”.

    I totally understand that as a business Adobe had to do something to ensure a steady stream of cash since it was obvious they weren’t getting it from upgrade fees. There are only so many new gizmos and filters you can add to any piece of software before the end user doesn’t care any more for upgrades. By lowering the price to $120/year it brings the price down to what has been historically what has been paid if you were fastidious about the Adobe upgrade path. But why can’t they come up with a viable exit strategy for loyal users once they get off the subscription track? I mean, I’m not planning my retirement just yet, but there will come a day when I won’t wanna fork over even $10/month for occasional access to a program I will use sparingly at best! Why not say that after a period of time paying into “The Cloud”, say three, four or even five years, the end user can back out and their software will be locked in at that stage of upgrade. That would ensure the user could still have access to their work and Adobe will have made a healthy profit. Should the user decide at a later date that it is necessary to get back on “The Cloud” then they would have to pay whatever the going rate was at that time and build time credits towards the next allowed jumping off point. See…that wasn’t so damned hard, was it?!!

  • geeeque

    same here. plus the pen tool is horribly buggy. i know it’s not my machine because i first encountered it in another studio then again on my computer at home. i did a google search and it’s a known bug, acknowledged by adobe but no fix predicted. this is a total deal breaker for me as a i use the pen tool like i use my hands.

  • Gerard

    Rabi: how do you edit PS files like PSD, PSB and layered TIFF if you don’t have access to Photoshop anymore? Just asking ;)

  • Juedne

    So angry with Adobe. I subscribe to CC but only use PS & LR, so I tried to downgrade and subscribe to this option. However despite being a fully paid up owner of Photoshop as part of CS2,3 and 5, I apparently don’t qualify. Nope, this offer is ONLY open to people who bought PS on its own, not people like me who purchased the entire creative suite to get PS and Illustrator and have invested thousands over the years.

    I have defended Adobe subscription model in the past, but no longer. My monthly fee has just risen from £23 to £38 and they won’t let me move to the model I actually need. They have also renewed my subscription a month early, despite writing to tell me it would renew today. I have been trying to sort this for weeks, but Adobe ‘customer service (ha ha)
    doesn’t answer the phone – you’re literally left on hold 90 mins at a time.

    Adobe sucks.

  • Juedne

    I’m considering the same path… but the user interface is so awful! Despite decades of s/w experience, I can’t seem to get my head around it!

  • Juedne

    Jack, eff off with your stupid, ignorant generalisation. I am a photographer who has paid for every upgrade of PS from V4, and for Creative Suite from v2. As have the vast majority of other photographers I meet and work with.

  • Juedne

    Same here. I agree with you.

  • Juedne

    Hmmm, wondering just who is ‘retarded’ around here ;-)

  • Juedne

    I think that is precisely what they’re up to. I subscribed to CC to get to PS and LR last year, at a cost of £23 p/m. This has juts jumped up to £38 per month and they refuse to let me move to the PS/LR special offer because my versions of PS CS3 and CS5 came as part of creative suite. It’s stealth offer.

  • Juedne

    I own CS3, 3 and 5 and I’m still screwed. They won’t accept pre-ownership of PS as part of creative suite.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    ADOBE…i don’t want access to your damned cloud….so lower the price even more….no wait..i downloaded it from USenet and don’t need a subscription at all….

  • Rob Elliott

    Hey Petapixel where are you getting this I can find nothing in the links that says this is true.

  • hh77

    I love C1P7 and I would never switch to anything for the world! Just started using it over a month ago… amazing!

  • mokleTkcuF

    Exact reason why I am still not paying for this software.
    In the meantime I’m doing a much better service hosting torrent files for others like me who either can’t afford it or find Adobe’s subscription model a spit in the face.

  • troll

    4 months to go there nostradamus