StreamNation: A Cloud Storage Solution Built with Photographers in Mind


There are many cloud storage services out there, some offering a decent amount of space for very little in way of cash. Unfortunately, most aren’t built with photographers and other visual junkies in mind. You can upload and store most file types, but viewing them is another matter.

StreamNation is different in that respect. Targeted at photographers and videographers in particular, the site not only lets you upload RAW files, but view and download them on the go as well.

The site’s stated goal is to “unify your personal media in one beautiful cloud solution.” Where photographers are concerned, this means support for not only JPEGs and PNGs, but TIFFs, DNGs, and proprietary RAW formats such as Canon’s CR2, Nikon’s NEF, Sony’s ARW and a bunch more.


Uploading your photos can be done using the company’s Windows or Mac apps — which are compatible with Lightroom, iPhoto, Aperture and Picasa — any of the major browsers, and even your iOS device. The desktop apps even let you select certain folders that StreamNation will monitor and pull new photos from automatically.

Similarly, viewing and downloading your RAW files in all their glory can be done from any computer with Internet access. And if you’re always on the go, the company’s free iPad and iPhone app comes complete with AirPlay compatibility so you can display your photos slide-show-style anywhere you have an Apple TV handy.


Pricing for StreamNation is very reasonable. Those who would like to try before they buy get 2GB for free, with an additional 8 available to anyone willing to invite all of their Google contacts. Paid options then range from $48/year (or $5 month-to-month) for 100GB to $228/year (or $20 month-to-month) for unlimited space.

To learn more about the service, read testimonials and possibly give it a go yourself, head over to the StreamNation website by clicking here.

(via TwoEight)

  • Joko tole

    good news

  • Fuzztographer

    Mmmmnope, still not interested in putting all my stuff on someone else’s computer.

  • Ken Elliott

    Backup is easy. Restore is difficult.

    The problem with cloud storage for backup is it can take a very long time (months, in my case) to perform a full restore. So it really doesn’t work as a true backup. I went to the site above and did not see anything about restore beyond a single file.

    BackBlaze will ship you a hard disk with your data on it for a fee. Well worth it if you have a total system failure, or disaster (house fire, flood, theft or hurricane). It costs $50/yr for unlimited backup. You can’t view your pictures, but if you can live with that…

  • Jonathan Benassaya

    Hi Ken,
    I’m Jonathan, founder at Stream Nation. We are actually adding the retrieve feature on our uploader to let you do a massive retrieval in case of failure.
    We will keep you updated through this thread when this will be available.

  • zdroberts

    Man these prices are too good not to… unfortunately my internet is bandwith capped. Maybe when I find a better provider.

  • SJ Fotography

    Jonathan, the service is too good, I wish it had a bit torrent client to download stuff so that we do not have to download it to our machine and upload it to your server. Other than limiting to only store photos probably you can think of ways to let the users do key-wording, rating and flagging using the iPad app and sync it back to the machine. Then your platform will be all in one solution… phew!! sound too demanding? :)

  • Jonathan Benassaya

    First, before asking have you tried to make sure that the system was not supporting the bit torrent protocol?
    As for the ipad, click on edit and then you will be able to tag any content, add events, people etc… BUT it’s not synced back to your computer. I invite you to reach us via our support directly if you need any help.

  • BademUtku

    If anyone is on windows should be also trying Zoolz unlimited it is for only 30$ a year