Photographer Does a Portrait Shoot with Fatboy Slim in Less than 30 Seconds

When you’re tasked with taking a famous person’s photo, you often don’t have much time with the actual person to go through a trial and error process and figure stuff out. Photographer Philippe Echaroux wanted to take things to the extreme and see if he could photograph a celebrity in less than a minute total.

Echaroux is used to setting challenges for himself. In the past, we’ve shared videos that show him taking a celebrity style portrait using only an iPhone and a $10 lamp, as well as his Street Studio project where he took pictures of strangers on the street as it they were famous.

This most recent challenge didn’t have to do with inadequate gear or making somebody look famous. Instead, he simply wanted to see how fast he could possibly capture a quality celebrity portrait of musician Fatboy Slim after his performance at the GetAKool Festival.

Here’s what turned out:

Fatboy SLim - copie

Fatboy SLim NB2 - copie

Fatboy SLim1 - copie

His goal was to photograph the celebrity in under a minute. From the moment Fatboy Slim shook his hand in greeting to the moment the shoot was done, Echaroux actually managed to get what he needed in only 24.825 seconds.

To see more from Echaroux, check out our previous coverage of his work linked above, or head over to his website by clicking here.

Image credits: Photographs by Philippe Echaroux and used with permission.

  • Adam Cross

    or Lightroom, or Photoshop – or just about any image editor….

  • Kenneth D. Aston Jr.

    How do you know that “Nobody cares if….” are you a mind reader lol.

  • Nic Cage’s Hair

    I’ve done a 5 min shoot with a band, pre-show before. One minute- not exactly a problem if your gear and lighting is set up beforehand. Anyone can do what that guy did. Hopefully, NOBODY will attempt to destroy their photos by overprocessing their photos into HDR-Hell like this photog did, though. Dave Hill and Jill Greenberg he isn’t. Sorry, i think i just vomited. Btw, why was this story news worthy?

  • Jordan Butters

    It wasn’t a DSLR either. Jeez, if you’re going to comment at least watch the damn video.

  • Jordan Butters

    Photoshop, I can tell from the pixels. I’ve seen a lot of Photoshop.

  • Thomas Casey

    What took him so long? Studio shots are so easy, the processing is so overdone it looks plastic.

  • Mat Frost

    What a load of old tosh !!!! Yes, under 1 minute to caputer the image, but far far longer to set up the lighting and then the post production/editing !!!! Anyone can clikc the shutter 3 times to get the image in under 1 minute !!!! How fecking ridiculous is this article !!!!

  • Mat Frost

    Yes, a stupid article. Any monkey can press a shutter for 3 images in under a minute !!!! it’s the rest that takes the time !!!!