Video: Mall Cop and Woman Fight Over Picture-Taking on Mall Property

This video recently uploaded to the web is making its rounds showing a mall security officer fiercely shouting at a group of curious citizens for taking pictures and videos. (Warning: It contains some violence and strong language)

The fiasco erupted after a semi truck plummeted into a ravine nearby the Ohio Valley Mall when a mall cop identifying herself as “Officer Adams” began demanding the onlookers discontinue taking pictures and erase the images.

Mall cop fight

“Put the camera away and erase the pictures,” she shouted, also demanding the individuals leave what she called “mall property”. At one point, the officer threatened to take the onlookers’ cameras. The officer counts to ten with the expectation the onlookers would skedaddle, but when the time expires, she declares, “Guess what? I’m pressing charges on y’all.”

Things escalate quickly when the onlookers mostly ignore the security officer’s demands and question her authority. The officer eventually loses her cool and lays her hands on one woman in the group, at which point, a full-fledged brawl ensues. It takes the arrival of another citizen to finally defuse the situation.

Many shopping centers dictate that on-premise photography is strictly forbidden, but the subjects in the video seem more interested in what’s going on in the ravine below, which raises the question: what’s the big deal?

(via The Global Dispatch and PINAC)

Update: The mall cop has reportedly been fired from her job over this incident.

  • Evan Skuthorpe

    Ah America, the self proclaimed land of the free. Just like fascist Germany: as long as you towed the line you were ‘free’. And for the arseholes standing by not intervening or helping to breakup the fight, your scumbags.

  • Matt Nastasi

    First off, whose business is it of yours, the mall cops, or anyone else why they want to video or photograph a rolled semi? Photography is not a crime. Even photographing the mall directly isn’t a crime. It’s a POLICY – and the cops do not exist to uphold a business’s policy.

    The only thing that could have been done that was legal would have been if the psycho mall cop had ramped down her minimum-wage-rage for 15 seconds and called the cops to ask them to disperse.

    Finally, from whom will this paragon of intelligence win this “lots of money?” Certainly you don’t think she’ll get nickel one from the person she assaulted…

  • Matt Nastasi

    Well, technically she had the right to order them to erase the pics.

    She simply didn’t have the authority to force compliance with that order.

  • Matt Nastasi

    As Jesus was famously quoted as saying…

    “Verily I say unto thee: Don’t start nothin, won’t be nothin.”

  • Matt Nastasi

    Exactly why were they wrong to let it happen? Seems to me it was a nice moment of karma biting that rent-a-thug in the ass. Had she not put her hands on that woman, the woman would not have needed to defend herself by booting the psycho rager in the head.

    The bystanders did what bystanders do – they stood by.

    There is nothing wrong with that.

  • Sgt

    Wow, what an ass that guard was. Guess she missed Mall Cop 101, “Observe and Report”. That is the extent of the responsibilities of the mall cops of this mall!

  • Matt Nastasi

    Nonsense. Someone with that level of ignorance regarding the law and her authority deserves to be laughed at and provoked.

    As soon as she laid her hands on that biker woman, she then deserved to have her ass handed to her. Citizens have the right to defend themselves from an attacker. Period.

    Nothing disgusting about that. It’s called karma, and it’s as natural as gravity.

  • pvbella

    @Matt Nastasi- She had no right to order them to erase the pictures. Please cite what law gives her any right to order anyone to erase pictures. What “technically” are you talking about? Even real police officers, except in very narrow situations, cannot order you to erase pictures. I should know, I used to be a cop and I never would do anything like that.

  • JMinneapolis

    Idk, where I come from you break up fights, not sit around like a bunch of people with thumbs up their butts. I guess I wasn’t raised by animals.

  • JMinneapolis

    this really depends where you are. In Minnesota, I have shot photos at several malls (even mall of america.) Their view is as long as you look like a tourist and are not in the way, they don’t care. If you are in the way, or are only focusing on structure or something mechanical or suspicious they will take notice. But, again, that is just my experience.

  • Froggy

    Yeah, Rome is pretty much a dirty, graffiti covered sh*thole. One of the few places in Western Europe I ever felt unsafe.

  • Unregistered Coward

    It’s Murica

  • Unregistered Coward

    By a gnats ass……….more like a crowd of gawkers and rubberneckers with cellphones.

    If your gonna fight to uphold rights, pick the worthy battles.

  • Unregistered Coward

    No, they’re at the edge of the parking lot. Most large lots have a drive encircling the lot to facilitate traffic flow.

  • Unregistered Coward

    Amazing how courtesy works…………

  • Thomas Lawn

    If you’re right, that means they are trespassing, which shouldn’t have an affect on whether they can photograph or not. The guard did tell them to leave, which they declined to do.

    A reasonable approach would be for the guard to call the police and have them remove the trespassers. I’d still be willing to bet on the guard being liable for assault.

  • Ravynwolfe Moondancer

    why did she want them to stop anyways? Don’t get it. The counting was ridiculous. Please don’t write a check that your butt can’t cash.

  • Ravynwolfe Moondancer

    why Can’t you shoot pictures though? that’s what I want to know. What a person is going to get a picture of a wall? an advert? pavement? a car? what is the big worry?

  • timo musgrove

    luckily the malls here are pretty good. we only have cops who stop kids from skateboarding home because the wheels make too much noise, or stop people from driving rc after midnight because of delinquent behavior. but what happened to photographic freedom (>.> oh right camera phones)

  • Hunter Harrison

    If you know anything about the area where the Ohio Valley Mall resides, then you know this type of thing is par for the course. It’s like Jerry Springer land in that area.

    Hopefully our foreign friends understand the above reference.

  • Dean W. Thompson

    If you’re on someone’s property and you’re asked to stop doing something/to leave. You do what you’re told. It’s simple.

  • Delowa

    she is a bad mall cop, and she is a pretty awful as a ninja as well…but she is just trying to do her job…its just sad, not a good way to start the Monday…

  • Warren

    I think they are on the property of ‘the mall’ which would include the land extending (perhaps) to the river where the incident was. In this case it’s a waste of resources for the ‘mall cop’ to call for assistance, that should be left available for the accident and the ‘officer’ should just let it go. The camera on mall property rules are to stop people photographing other people in the mall or brand names and items used by the stores, standing on the edge of the property photographing outward is not a problem and this officer should pick her battles. She was not equipped or able to manage that situation and she exceeded her ability to control it. She could have said, loudly that photographing on mall property is not allowed, I ask you to stop please, please go to non-mall property to take the pictures. Do not photograph mall property etc etc.. She could have taken pics of the offenders… whatever like that. I didnt see her show any ID and she was lucky she didn’t get subdued/handcuffed by the other bystanders.

  • Photojournalist

    shopping mall hicks vs a stressed security guard, with respect petapixel this is garbage.

  • BrightBart

    Good example of the trending disregard for security guards and police. They have rules about taking pictures on mall property for a reason. People wouldn’t find it so funny if that were a bunch of guys with beards and turbans taking pictures now would they?

  • R.S.

    Just cross over the rail and it’s not mall property anymore lol Mall-Cops are a farce lol

  • R.S.

    Most likely she did and failed miserably that’s why she a mall-cop and so uptight :-)

  • K Go

    And they wonder why malls are failing.

  • Wolfgang_Zimmerman

    Now, if all the bye-standers had had guns, this would have finished much earlier. Think about it ;-)

  • Wolfgang_Zimmerman

    What ‘cop’?

  • Cool dude

    I would have turned around and returned the camera right in the face of the guard. Telling the store owner/manager that I would never shop in there again….you have that “guard” to thank for that.

  • Corvi

    Terrorists are everywhere, mapping ‘Murrica for Al Quaida for the next suicide plane attack …


  • Peter Arbib

    Private property, even the parking lot
    On PP, YOU need permission to photograph. News scoop, or not.

  • Peter Arbib

    it would be like someone shooting a movie in your back yard without your permission or approval it is trespassing if they tell you to stop taking pictures on thier private property

  • blueberryak

    simmer down now “officer”… no ones trying to photograph your precious mall!

  • Peter Arbib

    wrong, Mall is privately owned it is private property that is open to the public it is still private property just like your house is and you can control what people are on your land or not and what they can do on it if you so desire

  • Peter Arbib

    the mall the parking lot and with some of the newer malls some of the streets are not public land they are private property open to the public they can set the rules

  • MarvinB7

    I said “IN public”. Plus I wasn’t referencing this story, just making a correlation, as I stated in my comment.

  • funnyshit


  • ZombieProcesses

    What were they filming in the first place?

    I will say that after two kids, the moment you start counting you have already lost.

  • Guest

    She took on a biker chick with a helmet on. The worst she was going to do was give the citizen a road rash.

  • ZombieProcesses

    Didn’t you read Atlanta’s comment? You should know what happens to people who call Atlanta a liar. :)

    Sorry. Couldn’t pass that one up.

  • ZombieProcesses

    I thought you should place bets and let nature take its course.
    But seriously, when you get in the middle of a fight, you usually become part of the fight.
    At some point, though, the mall agent would have to start managing her own expectations.

  • ZombieProcesses

    Well, gee… I took pictures of a car in a bread store window. I’m glad Hostess didn’t see me do it!

    I will, and have, stepped in to stop a guy much bigger than myself going after a small shop owner. But that did not did not look like a situation that called for my attention unless one of them had started taking lethal or crippling action.

  • Guest

    “If thou shalt smite a biker chick, thou shalt be smote with the heel of her boot.”

  • ZombieProcesses

    Matt’s point is that the cop has the same 1st Amendment rights to say to erase the images as the citizens had to capture the images in the first place.

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • pvbella

    @ZombieProcessesThe security guard or no police officer has a right to demand erasure of images. There is no 1st Amendment right to erase images. There is only a 1st Amendment right to free expression- taking images. Where did you go to school?

  • ZombieProcesses

    I didn’t say she could delete the images. Only that she can request to delete the images.
    Backing up the request becomes another issue altogether.

    Thankfully I have more taste than to mention reading comprehension skills to the guy questioning my education. :)

  • pvbella

    She has no right, no Constitutional right to even ask, let alone demand. Go back to school and learn something. The First Amendment covers creators not mall cops, security guards, or police officers.