Political Campaign Photographs Showing a Cute Little Boy Running for President


When the presidential election was looming on the horizon last year, photographer Ashley Pizzuti decided to shoot a project that had been brewing in her mind for some time. Titled “Vote for Chase,” the series imagines what political campaign photographs would look like if innocent young children ran for president rather than weathered adult politicians.

“Political campaigning also comes with such negative baggage that I wanted to bring some cute into it,” Pizzuti tells us.

The pint-sized politician in the photographs is Chase, the young son of Pizzuti’s friends. The boy is nicknamed “The Mayor,” and Pizzuti says that he, “has more charisma in his pinky than most adults” she knows. Thus, he was a perfect fit for this project.

Ashley and her husband began brainstorming various scenarios that often show up in political campaign photographs that are meant to persuade voters that a particular candidate is friendly, caring, intelligent, virtuous, and electable.

Along with a group of other children volunteers, Chase posed for photos showing debates, stump speeches, photo ops, meet and greets, “pensive moments,” and a visit to the voting booth.















Image credits: Photographs by Ashley and Rich Pizzuti of Pizzuti Photography

  • junyo

    How come no one in the media will ask Chase about his contributions from the Juice Box industry? Or ‘nap time’ with Susie Gimbal from down the street? Or the allegations that he referred to someone as a ‘big doodie head’?

  • Ralph Hightower

    Yes, it looks like Chase will be the next president. Hey! We could do better with replacing the “adults” in Congress with kids like Chase. After all, the “adults” in Congress are all acting like spoiled brats.
    Chase has a great future ahead. He kisses the babies, glad hands the construction workers, looks pensive when he has to.

  • Christian DeBaun

    Clever idea, and fun photos.