Photographer Plays With Her Breakfast to Create Imaginative Artworks


Norwegian artist and photographer Ida Skivenes has made a name for herself on Instagram for her playful photographs of food. While most people may attempt to make their food look photogenic and/or appetizing in photographs, Skivenes chooses to go a different route: she views her plate as a canvas and her food as her medium. Skivenes regularly creates artworks on her plates using her foods.

Her Instagram account @idafrosk has hundreds of imaginative photos of meals being turned into art.

Some of the pieces are part of a project titled “The Art Toast Project” and show famous works of art recreated on toast:









Others show clever scenes featuring landscapes, vegetations, people and/or animals:













Rather than gather ingredients based on the art she would like to create, Skivenes first comes up with a meal she would like to eat and then attempts to use those materials for her creations. Each piece usually takes 5-15 minutes. Once the art is created and photographed, it’s consumed, and then Skivenes heads off to her day job.

Most of the art is created during breakfast, since she does her best to have at least two “normal” meals during each day.

The positive feedback Skivenes has received from Instagram and from the Internet at large keeps her motivated. She has amassed nearly 100,000 followers since the middle of 2012, and her work has been shared across the Web.

You can find more of Skivenes’s food art photos and follow along with her project through her Instagram account.

Image credits: Photographs by Ida Skivenes and used with permission

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