Music Website Gets Around Band’s Photo Ban with LEGO Recreations


It’s an unfortunate truth in the world of concert photography that some bands refuse to issue press passes to “small time” local music photographers. The Killers are one such band.

After the group performed in Dublin earlier this month, music website GoldenPlec wasn’t able to send a photographer, so it decided to think outside the box to “get around” the ban. Instead of publishing actual photos of The Killers, the site featured LEGO recreations depicting what the show was like.

The review published is a normal one, but the piece is accompanied (without explanation) by photos of The Killers in LEGO form:


The photos were created by photographer Debbie Hickey, who used LEGO figures/pieces and a paper backdrop. She writes,

The reason for this was because the band have a strict no photographers rule. I first encountered this ridiculous rule at electric picnic last year, 10 minutes before the band were set to go on stage we were told – “No photographers allowed, you’ll have to leave the pit”. As they were one of my favourite bands I hoped to shoot, I was left a felling a little deflated. Their o2 gig in Dublin this weekend was no different. Photographers be gone!

No Photopass? No problem! If I can’t shoot them, I’ll build them, Never let it be said that GoldenPlec doesn’t get the shot.

Hickey spent just half an hour creating and composing the shots themselves, but finding the LEGO pieces and figures she needed took a few hours (she wanted to make sure the faces, hair, and bodies somewhat resembled the band).

Sean Nolan over at JOE writes, “Hickey recreated the band’s show with the building blocks, and some creative licence, easily producing the best concert images we’ve seen in ages.”

You can find Hickey’s entire set of photos over in the GoldenPlec review and on her personal blog.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Yan!

Image credits: Photographs by Debbie Hickey/GoldenPlec

  • chubbs

    “(she wanted to make sure the faces, hair, and bodies somewhat resembled the band)”

    That made me laugh… Cause, they’re Lego men.

  • Alan Dove

    She should’ve included a shot of a bouncer ejecting a Lego photographer figure from the scene.

  • Sean Chambers

    They should have included an empty seated venue to represent what this no photo policy will lead to.

  • Mansgame

    love it!

  • backyardigan

    Bands that do not allow photographers is almost always code for “our band members are getting old and ugly.” Same goes for bands that make photographers stand in the back near the sound board.

  • Alice

    One more band to check off the “go see” list. D-bags.

  • ed g.

    Kudos! The only way she could have made this better would have been a stop-motion animation.

  • deb

    Very clever, if the mountain won’t come to mohammed improvise.

  • Erika Horn

    I covered Firefly Fest in Dover, Delaware last year, and over a 3 day fest – every single headliner denied photographers – The Killers management waited till the last second, while we were all standing outside the pit gate, to say “Your passes and armbands, no matter what they permit you, are not being accepted to cover [The Killers].” Then they proceeded to ONLY DENY photogs NOT with Rolling Stone or Spin (like me, with a regional music e-zine, who traveled on her own dime, rented a car and actually was made to pay half price for a $300 weekend ticket!) The BIGTIME shooters got in. Most of us “other” photogs were pissed needless to say, especially since every headliner of every day that weekend didn’t allow any pit photogs – but I was fine leaving early – The Flaming Lips put me in a costume and let me shoot from the stage that weekend, they rule. Things seriously need to change in this corrupt industry with these beyond ridiculous photo releases (many times we don’t see them until we’re at the door ready to do our jobs!) and last-minute no photo “rules.” We all need to start standing up AND calling out the photogs that sign these releases. You did a great job bringing humor to a foul situation – kudos!!!

  • Jarek Draven

    Not that I was really at risk of going to one of their shows before– but I would NEVER pay to see these guys now. Whoever said “d-bags” was right on the money. Not cool, Killers. Not cool at all. But good job with the elitist attitude, and supporting the mainstream, and the large-and-wealthy, and the corporate, while simultaneously crapping on the little guy trying to make it. If only we had been lucky enough, this could have happened to YOU when you were trying to climb toward success and notoriety. May your mp3s be forever torrented.

  • alice joned

    Bands are more than pleased to take advantage of free photography from independant photogs when they’re nobody. Get some fame and forget it.

  • 7LeagueBoots

    Is there a “non-photographer recluse” category? Not that I have the talent or ability of either, but I’m not all that well balanced either.