Use Reverse Image Search Engines To Avoid Online Scams


Lifehacker featured a great tip today courtesy of Redditor lifedeathandtech that’ll help you avoid scams when you take your chances buying camera equipment from sites like Craigslist. When you see a listing that seems suspicious, or you get an e-mail reply that seems a bit automated, plug the post’s photos into Google Images and see if they’re being used elsewhere.

All you have to do is drag and drop the image into Google Image Search or use the Search by Image extension on Chrome or Firefox. It’s not a foolproof method, but if the poster pulled the photos off the internet you’ll know. Now, if only this would help weed out the people trying to scam wedding photographers.

(via Lifehacker)

  • Kodachrome64

    I’ll be honest, I am so lazy when selling on craigslist that sometimes I just google the item and take one someone else already took of it. Let’s all forget about this image search nonsense.

  • Noah Stephens

    …so said the scam artist.

  • Kodachrome64

    I kid you not, the last guy I sold to on CL said this to me, “if there were a rating system on craigslist, I would give you the highest marks because this has been nothing but pleasant.” Take that, butthead.

  • Noah Stephens

    Is that an actual qoute about you or did you just pull that off the Internet like you do with pictures?