Creative: Fireworks Look So Much Cooler in Reverse

Here’s a dash of creativity to get your brain juices going today: Melbourne, Australia-based aspiring filmmaker Julian Tay recorded footage of the fireworks display his city put on a couple of nights ago, and then decided to experiment with the video. He writes,

Was curious to see what fireworks would look like if I played it backwards. Turns out, it looks pretty awesome. Playing it in reverse gives it that cool slow-mo feel which is strangely soothing and tranquil. Totally opposite of the true nature of fireworks.

We agree, Julian — that does look pretty awesome!

  • JJ Casas

    Nice! Definitely would want this as a screensaver somehow!

  • Gabriel Constantin

    It won’t save your screen!

  • Stan

    So this is how fireworks are made.

  • Craig

    This goes into my “save for after a joint” bookmark folder. Really cool.