Two-Week-Long Cross-Country Road Trip Captured in 3 Minutes and 5000 Photos

A Seattle-based couple named Mike Matas and Sharon Hwang recently went on an epic cross-country road trip and documented it in a cool way. The duo, both product designers at Facebook, rented a car from a national rental company and spent two weeks driving from San Francisco to New York City. Over the course of their journey, the two snapped thousands of photographs documenting their adventures. After flying back home to the West Coast, Matas took 5,000 of the photographs and turned them into the time-lapse video above that shows their entire trip in 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

The animations were drawn by Hwang, and the music was composed by their buddy Patrick Brooks.

It’s an interesting way to share photos from a trip: you can spent 3 minutes getting a taste of everything that happened, but you can also pause the video whenever you’d like for a closer look at the high-definition still that was used for that frame.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, the photographs were shot using a Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm f/1.2, 16-35mm f/2.8L II, and 70-200mm f/2.8L. Post-processing was done in Adobe Lightroom.

  • Jerry Joe

    Had to cut it short halfway through. BORING! I guess they thought they were being creative. Fail.

  • conan

    they just have fun

    do you know how it tastes?

  • AC

    I actually really enjoyed this little film. They’re having a great time, sharing their experiences and taking pictures. Its a super condensed story of how their own 2 week trip went, and the quintessential beauty of travel

  • Goran

    Interesting clip. Lots of burgers dough :)

  • Sander Wijsman

    Great stuff. Makes me want to go on a roadtrip :-)

  • Pbwolff

    Looks like they might have gotten into a car accident almost to the end

  • Neil Jones

    Nope, they WERE being creative. your minimal attention span is irrelevant here, and adds nothing to the discussion.

  • Howard Purvis


  • russianbox

    that vignette can’t make its mind up

  • mrbeard

    A great video and they looked like they had an amazing adventure, but i cant stand these type of videos, i don’t want to see 5000 pics, i would love to see the best dozen though and take my time looking at them

  • Ralph Hightower

    This is way better than the other time-lapsed movies that I’ve seen because it is a sequence of places and time instead of a sequence of time.
    I want to travel west and photograph this nation’s beauty.

  • tiffany

    great photos and love the quirkiness through out. these two have been getting a lot of social media press these past few months, it’s exciting to see creative people having fun, enjoying life and being able to make a livin’ at it!

  • Guest

    FYI ~Mike Matas is the former Apple Designer, currently working for Facebook & also the guy behind the Facebook Camera iOS app

  • Victoria

    It’s enjoyable to see her eating so many burgers. I think she is the first person that does that in such a pretty manner. Awesome video. Very cool idea.

  • Nelson Ricciardi


  • Terrance

    Where is your file?????????????????????????????

  • Joe Maxwell

    I just had a seizure

  • Flo

    Great pictures! Nd you have a beautiful girlfriend!

  • Mansgame

    I’m sure it’s interesting for them, but not knowing them, this is just 5000 seemingly nice pictures forced on the brain. I’d rather see a story line with 50 of those pictures and maybe a few real videos along the way. This doesn’t seem like a natural way to look at photographs to me.

  • jon

    It almost feels like a result of the merging between still and motion cameras is showing up in these epic time lapse sequences of everything these days. The creative choices seem to be more in the edit than in the image making in this film.

  • Holly

    Very cool — only issue is keeps stopping! :)

  • Sam

    FANTASTIC! really inspiring, I go on many roadtrips and i want to start doing this with mine too. What program did you use to make the image sequence and add the music?