A Look at the Sleek, Modern Workspace of Photographer Tom Brinckman

Tom Brinckman is a Belgian-based freelance photojournalist and wedding photographer. Since he works one deadline every week for his local newspaper, he’s able to do most of his image editing work from his home office. Recently he decided to upgrade his workspace, and not just with new equipment or a new arrangement: he decided to put a good deal of effort into building a completely customized home office with an emphasis on functionality.

After scouring the Internet for other workspaces designed by photographers, he decided to go with a red-colored theme in order to match his personal logo. He designed his own desk and had a local carpenter create it for him.

One of his goals was to reduce clutter without losing efficiency. He tells us:

In my opinion a clutterd desk is a cluttered mind. While working the desk gets cluttered, of course, but every time I finish off something I take a moment to clean the mess and restore the environment. The key to this technique? Everything must been stored away but still within reach (e.g. paper, bills, battery and office supplies). It’s the same story with the backup hard drives and the router. These are tucked away underneath the desk. Easy to reach but out of sight.

Brinckman’s camera bags have their dedicated storage spaces inside the desk itself:

My book collection was also part of the design. With an education in graphic design I still love paper and books in this digital age. And I wanted it to be built in with some eye-catchers.

Although Brinckman works 100% with digital photography, he has two shelves overlooking the space filled with his vintage camera collection:

At the request of his wife, Brinckman even included a pint-sized workspace in the room to give his daughter a place to work as well (it’s never too early to start post-processing, after all).

Have a one-of-a-kind photography workspace you’d like to share? Send it in and we might share!

Bureau by Tom Brinckman [Flickr via Lifehacker]

Image credits: Photographs by Tom Brinckman and used with permission

  • Rob Knight

    Fliqlo! My favorite screensaver.

  • Keith

    What kind of monitor is that, Eizo?

  • Christian

    nice! Love the storage for camera bags. However, I’d rather face the window; its important to let your eyes wander to infinity when working with computers too long, but mostly, daylight right into the monitor is just not good

  • Nico in China

    A huge window (and small lamp) just behind the screen??? Personnally i prefer to put the windows on the side (left side for right handed writer).
    I totally agree for the need of bookshelves nearby, even better if they are reachable from the chair

  • Nico in China

    I tried to be facing the window, but I guess it depends on the room orientation and the location. Having some bright thing just in front of you behind the screen can be disturbing as well.

  • dovaka

    i quote Einstein.
    “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

  • Chris Eveley

    Are the walls 18% gray?

  • Toby Harriman

    He should be selling these bad boys! Probably would make more then in the photography field ;)

  • Damian Rusiniak


  • quiop

    Yawn. Boring work space.

  • Tom Brinckman

    Don’t have an Einstein brain… but this clean desk is working good for me ;)

  • Tom Brinckman

    Eizo CG241W

  • Tom Brinckman

    When looking up I face a magnetic painted wall… use it as an inspiration wall, so i can often let my eyes rest. Daylight isn’t right in the monitor, not when i’m sitting in front of it (Picture was taken in from the side on a very bright day, but hey most of the editing is done in none standard working hours ;) )

  • Chris Popely

    A very nice working environment, my friend. :-)

  • Roy

    Yawn. Boring comment.

  • quiop

    How clever. I commented on the work space and then you commented on my comment. I see what you did there.

    Let me reiterate – the work space is boring.

  • Roy

    Nope, that’d just be your confrontational opinion which you try to pass off as a fact.

  • quiop

    @c0ldc0ne:disqus I noticed you’re not nitpicking anyone else here who was not exactly enthralled with the work space. Must be nice to have your own opinion but not want anyone else to express theirs.

  • AntonyShepherd

    Looks like something from an IKEA catalogue. But I do like the colour.

  • Imagestreet

    Hmm, I wouldn’t have any bright colour in a workspace used for assessing or correcting images. In bright light those desk panels will kick a red cast all over the room…

  • XLR876

    I’d like to see a gallery or blog that shares a wide variety of example designs for photography working/editing environments. That would be great for inspiration when designing my own.

  • Matthew Wagg

    It looks a bit Ikea to me

  • Moodus

    Definitely isn’t homely, which is what you want in a workspace. I like it. Good chair, good monitor and not too comfortable, but still has some individualistic touches. Well laid out – having a workspace for the bambino is a great touch. The home office isn’t a place you want to spend all your time in, it’s somewhere to get some damn work done.

  • Niceworkspace

    Thanks for posting this article.
    Nice workspace Mr. Brinckman.
    I like that you hired locally-brilliant.

  • J. Maza

    Nice workspace, but… just two HD ? How did he resolved the files storage ?

  • Benicio Murray

    I do love a beautiful and efficient work space. Nicely done.

  • OmniMode

    There’s no reason to have the Mac Pro on top of the desk. Even the quietest PC tower is as annoying as a vacuum cleaner from hell after a while.
    I would bury it under the desk in it’s own ventilated cupboard and have a few USB extension cables clipped to the desk for port access, and an external eSata optical drive…like I have now.

  • Tom Brinckman

    Maybe because I like the scandinavian design of Ikea ;) And this has way more strength than Ikea products.

    Ikea shopping list: floating shelves, cable manager and the kids table and chairs.

  • Tom Brinckman

    Well 8TB inside the mac and these visible HD’s only act as backup. At this moment no need for more space. So will buy them when needed (and prices will drop by then)