What if Movies Were Written and Voiced-Over by Little Kids?

Lets say you find an imaginative kid, put a pen in one of his hands, put a camera in the other, and ask him to create a movie. What would you get?

That’s the basic idea behind Kid Snippets, a cute and hilarious new web series by BoredShortsTV. For the short above, titled “Salesman”, filmmaker Ryan Haldeman had a couple kids come up with an interaction between a salesman and a customer. He then took the resulting audio, and had actors John and Brett Roberts act it out and mouth the words. What resulted was the humorous sketch seen above.

Another awesome one is “Basketball Class”, created by asking a little boy and girl to come up with a scene featuring a basketball instructor and student:

New shorts in the series are released once a week every Monday.

  • jared monkman

    so awesome!

  • Luke Kroeker

    +1 for written by a kid.

  • John Nathaniel Calvara

    A PG-13 movie but the voice-acts are from the kids… Should they do it?

  • MikeAlgar42

    This was hilarious. There is another series on youtube (I can’t find it) where I guy rings his mum up each week to write the plot for the episode, and he goes out and shoots it. As such, unexpected joy occurs.