Ball: A Mesmerizing Short Created Using Photos from Google Image Search

Filmmaker Daniel Mercadante and his team at Everynone created this short film titled “Ball” using hundreds of photographs of spherical objects found through Google Image Search. The images are grouped by themes that beautifully transition from one to another.

The folks at Everynone are masters of creating interesting short films with simple, but very creative, concepts. Here’s one that went viral a while back, titled “Symmetry”:

This beautiful one is titled “Words”, and uses clips sourced from YouTube:

“Laughs” is one that will almost certainly make you smile (unless you’re some kind of robot or zombie):

Hooked yet? Check out all of Everynone’s videos over on YouTube.

Everynone on YouTube (via Laughing Squid)

  • Tobias Weisserth

    Pretty awesome stuff, but did the copyright owners of the individual images agree with using the images in the video? I am not trying to split hairs, but the general question what is allowed with images from Google’s image search without restricting creativity remains. What if they used an image which is managed by Getty Images or another agency that enforces their copyright? Will they go after this?

  • bologna

    I should post my most recent video. It is similar, but instead of balls, I used photos of finely-cured luncheon meats. I have confidence that it will win an Oscar Meyer…

  • Libby Stack

    Damn the copyrights and full speed ahead. The way of the web these days. DOn’t forget, sites like pinterest make it ok.

  • Gigin

    See second 53.. it is not spherical ;)