Wear Your Favorite Photographs Around Your Neck as a Bespoke Scarf

Leather goods maker Hayden-Harnett has a new product geared towards fashionable photographers: the Bespoke Scarf. Using a friendly web-based interface, fashion-aware photogs can upload their favorite images to have them transformed into a silk scarf.

Here’s what the design/order form looks like after you upload an image. You’re able to customize the crop, fabric, size, and quantity:

The scarves are available in four different sizes: 20×20-inch, 30×30-inch, 30×40-inch, and 40×40-inch.

All the sample scarves seen in this post were shot using a smartphone.

Prices range from $110 for the smallest scarf to $198 for the largest one.

Hayden-Harnett Bespoke Scarves (via Brit & Co)

  • Matthew Wagg

    The very top picture show the faces of two people that know they’re ripping you off.

  • foggodyssey

    $110 starting for a small… PLEASEEEEEEEEEE! You can get a whole rug at Wal-Mart with your photo on it for less then $50!

  • guest

    interesting idea, but I can’t imagine they’d have many people buying. it’s a little too expensive for a novelty/white elephant gift.

  • night production

    These folks took my order — and I see they’re still accepting orders on their website — but then sent me an email saying they are “no longer making scarves.” It is indeed a giant rip-off.