Olympic Opening Ceremony Participant Captures Inside View with Hidden Camera

Update: The video is no longer available. Apparently the Olympic Committee is cracking down on unauthorized videos.

Want to see what it was like to be a participant in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics? One 26-year-old participant decided to build a hidden camera into his/her costume, capturing this awesome footage showing a performer’s perspective of the show.

  • michaelp42


  • Antonio M. Rosario

    Won’t be hard to figure out who this is, with all the HD cams around. Bet they will get caught.

  • brob

    wow, the show was even more boring from the stage

  • hellziggy

    And the IOC has already had it removed for copyright violation…

  • RioRyan

    well that didn’t last very long

  • george

    Don’t bother it has been blocked by the IOC – copyright

  • me


  • ken

    the dear old IOC keep their steam-driven thinking on the boil and shut down some excellent participation. and they will care less

  • Val E1005

    IOC is not to be crossed. They also are threatening US athletes from tweeting praise for their sponsors. #rule40 .
    This falls along the same lines of NBC getting twitter to shut down a U.K. journalist, for his tweets criticising the networks Olympic coverage.

  • Oskar

    The issue of copyright is really being abused. The above clip is not the Olympic games but a personal point of view of that show. Point of view is personal no matter what it represents. On the other hand, I like the fact that they abuse copyright because sooner or later this issue will explode in a bad way for all those giants.

  • Daf

    The Olympics/IOC is more of a business than a sporting event!

  • Ivan

    Already blocked? Phew, that was fast! The main disciplines in the Olympic Games 2012 appear to be copyright protection and profit making: absolutely everything in sight must belong to someone who shall decide if, how, when or to whom to sell it. I don’t know who may win, but it already looks like we are all loosing.

  • Miguel Angel

    The Olympic Spirit is now money and merchandising. In this Digital Era London 2012 will pass to posterity as the Olympic that never happened.