Levitation Project: Pictures of People Lying Down in Midair

Photographer David Nemcsik of Budapest, Hungary has a beautiful project titled the “Levitation Project” that features surreal images of people floating in midair in a lying up down position. The subjects are Nemcsik’s friends, and the locations were picked by asking them this simple question: “where were you in your last dream?”.

You can find more of these images over on Nemcisk’s Flickr photostream. No word on whether any heads were hurt during the shooting of these photos.

Image credits: Photographs by David Nemcsik and used with permission

  • Mansgame

    Worst idea ever. Really, any 12 year old with Photoshop elements can do these. The scenery isalso very uninspired and bland.

  • KJB

    Debatable. The scenery is what the subject requested and is integral to the theme.

  • Mr.New

    Worst comment, ever. Worthless.

  • ga1n

    and 12 years old can also write very stupid critiques.

  • Kidsgame

    It isn’t really the worst idea ever, and if you want to say 12 year olds are terrible artists I would contend even that. I’m sure there are some 12 year olds out there more talented than most of us, including you.

  • stokesga

    Love people who say anyone could have done this…..but you didn’t did you, so offer some constructive criticism or just don’t bother

  • davidnemcsik

    as for the photoshop part it wasn’t so easy as you think.
    on the other hand people on the pictures were held by other two or three person and that wasn’t sooo easy.
    i accept your opinion but please show some respect if somebody has done it, and somebody think thats worth to post it.

  • Daf

    Not ANOTHER levitation photo project.
    Cliche at best now.

  • davidnemcsik

    the project was taken in early 2011 but because of the university i was too busy, so i send it now.

  • davidnemcsik

    the project was created almost 2 years ago. its not fresh. but its not about copying anyone…

  • davidnemcsik

    the project was created almost 2 years ago. its not about copying anyone…

  • David Nemcsik

    the project was created almost 2 years ago. its not about copying anyone…

  • David Nemcsik

    the project was created 2 years ago. is not about copying anyone..

  • elaineis

    A pretty photo is a pretty photo, beautiful scenes. Thanks for sharing…cynicism can only get people so far.

  • Terry Bullitt

    Great photography. Interesting concept

  • Rob Nourse

    Lighten up guys… Just cause I’ve eaten 5000 hamburgers in my life doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy a good one. These are interesting and well executed. They took planning and unpaid assistants which means convincing others to participate. They’re all different but with a common element. And it’s a project… it’s meant to build skills not placate the irritated few who think themselves gods of photography.

    Enjoy the publicity David, you deserve it.

  • Rob Nourse

    I just happened to click your handle “Mansgame” and it pulled up a long list of mostly negative condescending comments. It appears you have some issues which cause extreme abrasive behaviour coupled with an amazing sense of arrogance. Perhaps it’s time to seek some professional help?

  • Kris

    I love levitation project and I’ve done some myself. I don’t see any reason why others should not do it, it’s awesome!

  • Joey Duncan

    But why is it on here? There are thousands of unique projects that petapixel could better themselves by posting, but they chose to post, yet, another recycled, although individual, project.

  • Rob Nourse

    Why are there multiple movies with the same plot? Why so many songs about love? Why so many minivans, running shoes and paint colours? Because each is just a little different…

    Now if you feel the editors are wasting your time with repetition feel free to start your own site… Or better yet, ask for your money back!
    Oh wait a minute, you didn’t pay anything


    The pose is simple and interesting, would like to see more variety though