Flickr Partners with Nokia to Beef Up Maps and Geotagging

Flickr announced today that it has partnered with Nokia to overhaul its geotagging feature. The new maps and satellite images will offer increased coverage (e.g. bye bye photos in ambiguous blobs of land), detail, and zoom. The company isn’t turning its back on Open Street Map completely, though: the old map tiles will still be used in areas that aren’t covered by Nokia’s commercial maps.

(via Flickr Blog via Engadget)

  • 9inchnail

    I’d appreciate this if I was actually still using Flickr. I always had to use Google Maps to find a location, copy the coordinates and use them to geotag on Flickr cause their maps were just not detailed enough. But as I said, not using Flickr anymore, it’s just stuck in the early 2000s and isn’t going anywhere.

  • Gary Simmons

    Wow, that’s good news.