RealSize App Uses Your iPad to Show a Camera’s Actual Size

A camera’s dimensions are often reported alongside its other specs (e.g. megapixels, ISO), but it’s pretty difficult to gauge exactly how large it is by those numbers alone. RealSize is a helpful iPad app that helps you get a better sense of size by displaying gadgets on its screen at exactly the size they are in real life.

With RealSize you will be able to create in a very easy way a virtual replica of the object you are interested in by defining a 3D box using the known width, depth and height of the object, and fitting pictures of the real object over the appropriate section of the box. The dimensions and pictures you need are usually easy to find on the internet. The procedure to create the object is fast, easy and pleasant, and the resulting replica is very precise, and surprisingly effective.

RealSize objects are stored in a special file format (.rsz) and can be exactly shared. Here’s a list of camera objects they’ve made so far. The app costs $3.99 over in the App Store.

RealSize [iTunes App Store]

  • Potver7

    No app required for that – just go to
    Granted – it doesn’t show the camera at actual size but does show the size of one camera compared to the other.

  • Manuela R. Gatlin

    its screen at exactly the size they are in real life.

  • Michael Olsson

    It’s a impressive app, it looks that the camera is in front of you.

  • Lisa

    Useful, easy to use and very realistic……fantastic app!!!

  • Lisa

    Useful, easy to use and very realistic….fantastic app!!!

  • Alan Dove

    Caution: if you shop for a new iPad with this app, you will disappear into a wormhole.

  • John Stock

    Can you stick to photography instead of being iFans please?

  • Jeroen

    Wow! An app! That can show… photos! Truly amazing!