An Infographic on Color Temperatures

Digital Camera World magazine created this handy free infographic showing the color temperature scale and where various preset white balance settings are found in it. You can download the full version here.

What is color temperature: Free photography cheat sheet [Digital Camera World]

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    my 7D range on custom WB by temperature is from 2500k – 10000k. I do wish it went to 1000K – not that I would use it that much, but still, it would be nice :P

  • Stephan Zielinski

    Pretty graphic!  The numbers are wrong, making it of limited use to photographers, but by golly it’s a pretty graphic!

    See Wikipedia: Color temperature – Categorizing different lighting for a quick table, or – color temperature for a somewhat more extensive table, along with pointers to a few resources on black body radiation.

  • Manu

    Yes all the numbers are false

  • timon

    knows the Color Temperatures is still a far insufficient, the lighting Color Rendering Index is much more important.

    Sounds like a warm-tone fluorescent tube seems color temperature 2700K, but camera impossible to take a nice color image like a tungsten bulb 2700K, despite you adjust the WB or using a color temperature filter.  But the tungsten bulb, camera can take a nice color image like sunlight effect, which only done the WB adjusted.

    much of ordinary fluorescents are some bad lighting source as a camera, including other industrial lighting source,  and not only get in bad colour, also bad for PD-AF accuracy.  (much of ordinary fluorescents are lacking Red spectrum at border area near-IR light.)  

    Some cheap LED lights are also bad lighting source as a camera.

    High color lighting:
    Sunlight CRI 100,
    Tungsten bulb CRI 100, Color Temperatures 2000 – 2900K based on different wattages,
    Studio dysprosium lapm CRI 95,
    Iodide lamp CRI 90
    High color metal halide lamp CRI 90-95
    Photoflash  CRI 95
    These lights the CRI useful life are only hundreds or thousands hours. 

    Fluorescent tube:
    Professional Fluorescent tube, CRI 90-95 (CRI useful life below thousands hours), not in consumer market and pricing expensive.
    High quality Fluorescent tube for home and high class shopwindow, CRI 82 – 85.
    Daily lighting Fluorescent tube for home and office, CRI 60 – 80, there are including some cheap tri-phosphor tubes, or so-called “electricity saving lamp”,    they are incomplete spectrum of the visible light range.
    All the Fluorescent tubes are optional polytype color temperatures.