Creative Portraits of Celebrities Created Using Colored Wooden Pins

Photographer Philip Karlberg, whose “33 RPM” project we featured before, shot these images of celebrities wearing sunglasses for Plaza Magazine using carefully arranged wooden pins. Shooting 6 faces required 6 days and ~1200 pins. Can you recognize all of the celebrities?

The answers: Jackie O, Steve McQueen, Lady Gaga, John Belushi, Johnny Depp.

Pin Art by Philip Karlberg (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Philip Karlberg and used with permission

  • Casey Myers


  • Guest

    HA!  I thought Lady Gaga was Edgar Winter…

  • wickerprints

     LOL  the funny thing is, I think your guess is much more fitting than Lady Gaga.

  • Pryere


  • Knur

    4> Jack Nicholson :)