Photos of a Perpetually Burning House

Burning House is a series of photographs by artist Carrie Schneider that shows a small white house burning on an island in the middle of a lake. While the subject matter might not be too out of the ordinary, glance through the images and you’ll soon find that the house appears to be perpetually on fire throughout the seasons. The project actually took two years to complete, and Schneider built a small 8×6-foot house for each of the images. She then hauled it to the lake in Wisconsin, floated it over to the tiny island by canoe, and set it on fire. She then photographed it at different times of day, in different seasons, and in different weather conditions.

You can find the entire project here.

Burning House by Carrie Schneider (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Carrie Schneider and used with permission

  • Merv

    Wow, I have to admit I TRY to be environmentally sympathetic in whatever i do….

  • Boydie

    This is kinda weird….

  • WanderingBear

    Now thats a very bored person!
    There MUST be better things to do during the course of a whole year – Oh Noooo – it says TWO years – My gawd!

  • Tje1964

    This is the dumbest idea for art I’ve ever seen.  What a colossal waste of time and materials.  And no, it doesn’t look like the house is “perpetually on fire,” it looks like some idiot set a bunch of houses on fire.  The photos aren’t even very good.  Where did she get the money for all of this?

  • Jjjustinnn

    I’m sorry, but should I be in awe of the amount of time and effort put into the building and hauling of the huts or the photographic skills? Both? Or neither? I’m confused.

  • rtfe

    like what?

  • WanderingBear

    Well how about getting out in to different parts of the world & experiencing & photographing them without seeing fire to it all.
    I have many better things to do &  am currently at 12,000 feet in the Andes exploring the Inca culture. In the last 6 years I have visited over 40 countries & had a great time, & you know, I have not needed to set fire to any buildings yet.

  • AngryMan

    how much can it cost to build a small wodden house a couple of times a year? If somebody DID sponsor this it would be even dumber than the idea in the first place. Oh and yes, the execution sucks as well 

  • Thisguy

    This could have been an intriguing photo but the framing is all wrong and the idea of doing it in each season didn’t really work.

  • David

    Don’t strain a muscle patting yourself on the back there, chief.  If that’s how she want to spend her time, fine.  Different strokes for different folks, or have you not learned that after traveling to 40 different countries?

  • Henri

    Going into such beautiful places in nature and polluting their clean air with carbon dioxide and using photography as an excuse. I don’t know if this is an insult to photography or to nature, but I guess both. And I am not even talking about if the mess was cleaned completely or not afterwards.Some people need common sense before they need art

  • Dingbat

    Well NOT burning stuff for  a start

  • Get-a-Life-Lady

    Exactly – Its a huge pile of poluting Cr*p. Shame she could not have cremated herself in the process too

  • rtfe

    i like how some people feel the need to express to the world how great their lives appear to be. these people push their ideology down throats and protest that they are above everyone else when in fact they are trapped in closed perspectives and understand only about themselves. David says it best in his last sentence.

  • ZD

    I agree with the outrage of polluting the environment, but I don’t completely agree   with why people are bashing this project so much.  Now I’ll admit I thought it was kinda dumb at first too, but then I started to think about and look at the pictures.  How often do we see a a burning house with out an audience watching it or firemen trying to put it out.  I don’t know about you but I never have.  I get this eerie feeling when I look at the photographs.  Something chaotic is happening in this serene setting.  I think that since it’s a house we have a stronger connection to it and it makes me think things like, “what if there’s a family in there? is it arson?  murder?  who is going to help?”.  I think it would have been interesting to to get the photos from different perspectives, but oh well.  That’s just what I think.

  • miklos


  • Brandon

    this sucks.

  • Jake

    Doesn’t quite seem to achieve the desired effect. Would be really cool if she made a time-lapse video kind of thing out of it so it actually looked like the house was continuously burning throughout the seasons.  Maybe I just might steal this…

  • iforgotthequestion

    Seen a lot.  Still miss the point of art.

  • iforgotthequestion

    Re: “Wrong Framing”


  • iforgotthequestion

    Plants breathe CO2 by the way.  Some plants, the California Redwood for example, also uses fires an opportunity to reproduce.

  • Killermotion

    Polluting Cr*p? Ever had a camp fire?
    In honor of you, I am going to club a baby seal.

  • Killermotion

    I am going to club another baby seal just for you.

  • Killermotion

    Then stop flushing your tampons Merv.

  • Joejee

    The house is pointing in different directions sometimes…

  • Dave

    You spelled ‘WanderingBore’ wrong

  • rtfe

    i’d rather look at burning stuff/art than more photos of the andes/incas or anything else that has been documented thousands of times by thousands of people. that stuff is pretty, but it’s boring and unoriginal

  • Zachary

    I love them, thanks for posting.

  • Ondra Kucera

    Would love to see them in large prints.

  • ValadePhoto

    People on the internet say stupid things.

  • SargentManuela

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  • Wallerus

    We are missing the point. Baby seals are being clubbed as we speak!