Photography 101: Using Available Light

Vimeo has partnered up with Nikon for a new educational video series titled Do More With Your DSLR. The first video is about “working with available light”, and is geared towards beginners who are just starting to figure out how to use their DSLR camera. You can find a more in-depth discussion of the concepts in the video (e.g. exposure, white balance, ISO) in this article.

  • Dan

    The two guys do not nearly explain anything, they just give advises. Much effort for less content.

  • Guest

    Very misleading title (Photography 101:…). I was watching this thinking: why don’t they mention shutter speed?! Then I clicked through to the article and realised this is about video, not photography.

  • John

    When he’s first given the camera from his boss, there’s no memory card in it! lol…

  • Pauljmoleiro

    The amount of videos giving you the absolute basics of photography is astounding, for once i would like to hears some tricks or advice beyond ” this is what the buttons on your camera do”.

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