Photographs of Airplanes Hovering Over the Heads of Sunbathers

Maho Beach outside of Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint Maarten is famous for the fact that landing airplanes fly overhead at minimal altitude. It’s one of the only places in the world where airplanes can be viewed in their flightpath just outside the end of the runway, and therefore is very popular with tourists and plane spotters. Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner has a project titled “Jet Airliner” that consists of photos of massive jet airliners hovering over the heads of sunbathers on the beach.

You can find more of these images here. They’ve also been in a book.

Jet Airliner [Josef Hoflehner]

Image credits: Photographs by Josef Hoflehner and used with permission

  • Zta

    Action packed!

  • Rob LaRosa

    Worst beach ever.

  • Spider- Man


  • Zak Henry

    The light coating of aviation fuel should do the trick

  • Anna

    same beach shot by Thomas Prior a few years back:

  • Chanes2

    sandstorm at each pass :D

  • itinko

    probably not a safe place to spend a lot of time.. 

  • Spider- Man


    **jet noise**

  • georg

    wow. cool shots.

  • PaulJay

    All his work is amazing!

  • C_NDelta

    Plenty of YouTube videos from this spot as well.

  • Cliff

    Go to and under keywords search for SXM and set “Sort By” to Most Popular. There are some amazingly low approaches to that runway by big, big jets.

  • yod4

    Yes, it’s St. Maarten. 
    Wondering what kind of film / processing he’s utilizing 

  • John M. Richards

    In Austin, Texas, they used to drop airliners that low right over one of the tee boxes on municipal golf course. Was pretty wild. The new airport is outside of town.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    I’d really like to visit St. Maarten before I knock on the coffin.

  • Chris Rainville

    Getting tired of everything being shot in B&W, it is becoming gimmicky.