Create a Contact Sheet Portrait Using an Entire Roll of Film

Photographer Mario Zanaria created this contact sheet portrait of a model named Francesca by planning out each of the frames on a roll of film.

pianosequenza (via Photojojo)

Image credit: Photograph by Mario Zanaria and used with permission

  • Eduardo Larrosa

    nice idea but it makes me REALLY dizzy!

  • Atindra Bhattacharya

    Very uncomfortable for the eyes. At least, in my case :)

  • Joe Brandibas

    With a DSLR, just sit in front of a gigapan.

  • John Milleker

    I don’t like the effect either, however we’ve done this with an enlarged image instead so that you truly have one image equally spread over 36 frames of 35mm film (or many sheets of photo paper set up on the wall). Spool cut, unexposed film into your contact printer, enlarge photo to the unexposed film in the printer, develop.

    Once dry, feed back into the contact printer and print a paper negative. It’s up to you if you want to scan this in and invert it in software or sandwich it with another piece of photo paper to make it a positive.

  • Gianpaolo La Paglia

    Google “maurizio galimberti” and you will discover something interesting

  • zalma

    David Hockney!