NASA Releases Epic Panorama of the Sky Created From 18,000 Images

NASA has released a gigantic catalog of the night sky that contains more than 563 million stars, galaxies, asteroids, planets, and objects. The images were captured by the infrared cameras of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission, which has been collecting data for the past two years. After capturing more than 2.7 million images of the sky, NASA created an epic panorama showing the entire sky by stitching together 18,000 of those images. You can view the panorama in a zoomable browser here or download the 180MP/73.5MB photograph here.

Mapping the Infrared Universe: The Entire WISE Sky (via Quesabesde)

  • Janne

    Hmm, that’s a spherical (360×180 degree equirectangular) panorama, it’s waste of beautiful image to view it as a flat image like it’s presented on

  • Janne

    Anyway, I’ve converted the image to a spherical panorama for easier viewing and added couple of hotspots for navigation aid and – as a bonus – a panorama taken in visible light by Photopic Sky Survey:

  • Trey Mortensen

    That makes this picture as epic as it should be! Thanks for doing that

  • Jan

    That’s just great!