Portraits of People Posing with All of Their Possessions

For her project titled All I Own, photographer Sannah Kvist asked her friends to pile up all of their belongings into the corner of a room and then pose with the pile for a photo. The portrait subjects are all Swedish young adults that were born in the 1980s.

All I Own by Sanna Kvist (via iGNANT)

Image credits: Photographs by Sanna Kvist and used with permission

  • John Milleker

    Ahhh to be young again and not have much stuff. You’d have to pose most people next to a house, shed, storage lockers. We have too much stuff, but he who leaves the most stuff for his kids to throw away when he’s dead.. Wins.

  • Seyer_21

    Um… this has been done….. at least let’s reference the original, shall we?

  • guest

    That’s a big cat

  • ChristianRudman

     Ho geez. I didn’t even notice that at first glance.

  • White

    “Possession is not 9/10’s of the law, it’s 9/10’s of the problem” – John Lennon.

  • ZD

    So has everything else…If we’re going to do that might as well reference every signal photograph…

  • Gordon Neilson

    This is an amazing series of photographs!

  • RTL

    um.. why don’t you post also a link to your sooooo original work

  • Romanium


  • Romanium

    the guy on the bottom is the only one with clothes?? 

  • Mr.New

    Only one owns a bed?

  • mythbuster

    Original and amusing. Photos are well put together too.

  • Ignas

    There already was a post “this has been done” somewhere. Let’s reference the original, shall we? :D :D

  • samuel

    look better! ;)

  • Aran Johnson

    Here is a cool picture of Steve Jobs with just about everything he owned during the early-80s:

  • bj

    And you think that is the original…

  • Steven R. Haz

    Love it!

  • Always616

    Young adults in their twenties and early thirties? I was born in 1982 and I own more junk than everything in all of the pictures combined. Maybe people just live more simpler in that part of the country?
    Not intrigued…

  • yup

     i’m sure the others have clothes in the photo that are not inherently visible (like in a dresser or black trash bags or suitcases.) he just happened to own a rack on which to hang his.

  • Boo

    That last guy has an insane number of shoes.

  • Fabian

    It’s actually a social statement. The people shown are living in subletted appartments because they could not find a permanent place to live. They have to move often and are less well off than the generation of their parents. It has become a typical problem in Sweden’s large cities.

  • Bill Bob

    I move to re-title this collection “Landfill Owners”.

  • unguibus

    Man, looking at these photos makes me feel like a hoarder. But I guess that is the case for a family of 5.

  • Missy Kenny Corron

    I am sad to say – that American kids’ possessions would far exceed those.. in many cases, the average American young person is loaded with THINGS!!