Learn Your Rights as a Photographer with this Short and Sweet Cartoon

Want to inform someone of their right to take pictures in the US? Just share this short cartoon created by the ACLU, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and The Gregory Brothers. It features Benjamin Franklin’s ghost, who sings about the various things you’re legally allowed to do without being harassed by law enforcement.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff!!

  • Angus

    Good message. But that’s 4:20 i won’t get back. 

  • Anonymous

    I just realized how good Schoolhouse Rock was…great message but god awful annoying way to convey it.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, it’s basically unwatchable. I feel very strongly about the subject matter, and I LOVE (roughly 1/3 of) the Gregory Brothers’ work, but this is terrible. :(

  • Benicio Murray

    Painful :/

  • 9inchnail

    Are they living in candy land? The constitution is going to be abolished anyway, American citizens won’t have any rights to oppose the police or the military. You can be glad if you don’t get send to some dark hole for snapping pictures of protesters or the fuzz.

  • Lhalstrom

    Police can say you are interfering with an ongoing crime scene investigation and ask you to leave legally. They also can say you are interfering with law enforcement in controlling a crowd, just by being there. Taking your camera is their way of insuring you won’t hang around anymore. How can they know you aren’t taking pictures to help people like anarchists? Usually pictures are taken by unknown people on their blind side when they are trying to control a scene from escalating to something worse. Just saying to consider both sides of this issue.

  • Wmphotonyc

    Lhalstrom, even anarchists are allowed to take pictures. You can’t stop people from photographing because you don’t like what it’s going to be used for. Those are piss poor excuses for justifying police interference with the press. Also, we’re on the same side as the police. Most of them know they shouldn’t be doing that kind of stuff.

  • Through Painted Eyes

     ” How can they know you aren’t taking pictures to help people like anarchists?” HhahahahHAHhahahahAHHaahahahahaaha. Oh man.

  • Eric Knape

    First, in this country (The ACLU is addressing the issue in the USA) you are innocent until proven guilty.  Law enforcement, even though they may try, do not have the right to take away your rights without proof that you have committed a crime.

    Second, anarchists? Really? That word needs to be reclaimed. It’s been misused far too much, usually by established bureaucracies.

  • Harold Brown

    Cheap shot at the police disguised as a photographers “rights” video.   

  • Keyrlis

    Only cheap because corrupt police make it so easy.
    Too bad there’s not more cops like my dad that got in to serve the public instead of the power hungry ego trips that mostly want the job, now. Makes it hard for real cops to remain ethical.

  • Harold Brown

    Your comments do not change the fact that this is a cheap shot at the police and authority. We have laws to deal with problems, but not everything is going to be peaches and ice cream. It is the reality of being free. Some guilty go free, rather than punish the innocent. I am glad and proud to be an American. The police are no different than anyone else in this country, some good and some bad, regardless of profession. By the way, a real man, one who is proud to say he is a man, will remain ethical. A weak man will blame others.