Antarctic Glaciers and Caverns in a Bag

Antarctica – Glaciers & Caverns is a photo series by Belgian architect François Delfosse consisting of images captured from inside a white plastic bag.

Antarctica – Glaciers & Caverns (via Feature Shoot)

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm. Plastic bag photography.

  • Thierry Deleon

    They look like photos of a plastic bag

  • Really?

    So this is the emo kid from American Beauty’s photo portfolio. 

  • Michael Zhang
  • Casey Myers

    A little tilt shift effect may help as well.

  • Robert Fitzgerald

    Puleeese People, none of you would have known it was plastic bag if it didn’t say so in the opening paragraph. Very creative and he used the available light very well.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe. Probably would have thought paper something or another here. It’s definitely an interesting experiment, no one is arguing that point. It does however, look like a photo of the inside of a plastic bag with some thought in how it was lit…

    It’s also a given that this guy’s portfolio is a massive collection of blurs. Interesting blurs, but blurs.

  • Stephen Newport

    I think these are beautiful. Not a huge fan of his ‘blurs,’ but these are very easy to get lost in and have a sense of “place” which I think is the main component of the best landscape or “environmental” photography.

    Well done.

  • unsilent majority

    . . . but . . . the moment I saw the image, I knew it was a plastic type material. . . . and . . .  . . since you have a polastic bag, ever think of applying better light (*insert roll eyes here).

    btw, some are very nice indeed, but the person coul’ve gooten more artistic and added water and flowing water, etc, . . . . probably did in some, but I didn;t see any from examples.

    Lastly, on the last image, we can see the bag’s seam. . . .

    Potential, but these could’ve been better.

  • nnr

    Lazy as i am i actually did not read the title until the end and the article and still the first thing i thought was: plastic bag. But nice idea nonehtheless.

  • Stephen Newport

    I don’t think these are meant to be a ‘magic trick’ to make people truly believe they are looking into an alien arctic. To me they are a pleasantly toned and photographed sense of place from a unique subject with a unique outcome. While some of his ‘blurs’ are so abstract you can’t relate with them in any objective way, I think these a representative enough of reality and spaces we are familiar with to allow us to connect with them. I think because they are actually plastic bags some people are having a knee-jerk “fuck post modern art” reaction (myself included), but I do enjoy these nonetheless.