Google to Shutter Its Photo Editor Picnik

To keep itself lean and focused, Google is planning to do some spring cleaning and shut down a number of non-critical projects and services that don’t attract enough attention to keep alive. One of the services marked for termination is Picnik, the online photo editor that Google acquired back in 2010. The service will remain online until April 19, after which the team will be folded into the Google+ team.

(via Engadget)

  • Chris Daniel

    I wonder, will the editing feature still be available in Google Plus, but will simply no longer be available to other services? That is, is this a strategic move to weaken Flickr in favor of Google Plus?

  • Anonymous

    Google buys Picnik. Google shuts down Picnik. 

    No wonder everyone loves Google.

  • Shawn Parker

    I’d like to see them open source this.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s a measure to halt people like this.

  • Mantis

    What’s your point?

    Picnik was a surprisingly powerful yet simple photo editing tool.
    And it was cheap as hell.

  • Michael Rasmussen

    Damn, gonna miss it for the quick and simple touch up on snaps

  • Mrbeard

    are there any similiar alternatives to use instead?

  • TylerIngram

    Oh know.. what are all those fauxtogs going to do now since they cannot edit their photos? lol

  • Anonymous

    The point is that people are depending on it without any awareness of alternatives, while pretending to be a professional photographer.

  • Anonymous

    Are there still Google fans?

  • Paul Cuenin

    Google plus has a pretty good photo editor built in now.

  • Paul Cuenin

    I think you may be right. The editor in google plus is not bad at all.

  • Yautja_halfbreed

    Google + does not have a good photo editor, what they have sucks…I know I tried it twice.  Google needs to leave Picnix alone and get rid of the unwanted crap they have.  

  • Yautja_halfbreed

    And the people who use it are not a joke.  We take this very serious

  • Yautja_halfbreed

    And to answer your question about google+ editor…NO it won’t have the features. And to TylerIngram….I am glad to see you think this is funny, If you are a photographer, I hope your buisness goes under.

  • Guest

    We’re all really impressed that you seem think so highly of yourself. Rude people like you are the problem with society today. A piece of advice, arrogance is not attractive. While you may think that you’re not trying to impress anyone, I’m sure your website indicates otherwise.

  • Guest

    Also, while others could be learning new photo editing techniques, you could be brushing up on your grammtical skills. It’s “Oh (no)”, not “Oh (know)”.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I know the difference between Know and No but I would have tack up my error to typing. Sometimes that happens.

    No where in my response did i say i thought highly of myself. Nor do I mention that I have perfect grammar.

    Hah thanks for dropping by and sending me a comment to check out your reply though. Glad to see you had to do it annonymously.


  • Anonymous

    I think my response is more towards the people who use picnik as a professional peice of software over proper tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, NikonTools etc.

    Even Photoshop Elements is better than Picnik.

    Did people really use picnik to professionally edit their photos? Or was it more of a tool of convenience? The only decent use of picnik I saw was to be able to resize a photo quckly, epecially if it was already on Flickr an you needed to quickly tweak it.
    Shall I continue feeding the trolls?

  • Yautja_halfbreed

    To Tyler Ingram

    The only troll I see here is you. You didn’t stop to think before you made your rude comment that some people used it to just have fun with or relax with.
    I used it to make funny little cards and pictures for my grandkids.  It was fun.  As for being a real photographer, well that’s where my wonderful camera comes in handy. Before you open your mouth about something let your brain think first then speak.  And to answer you question, wether they used it or not is really none of your business, now is it.  Maybe that was all they could afford, did you stop to think of that….No you did not.  See it is people like you that make others feel worthless.  Oh and I went to your web site, and let just say….I wouldn’t buy your work, nor hire you to do work for me.   It is really lacking in concept.

  • kimberly gonzales

    is there gonna be premium again when picnik is back?i wanna know the new website of picnik….please

  • Lopez59

    I AM a photographer and I DO know how to touch up my own work. But I do like the simpleness of using Picnik.  While I don’t HAVE to have it to have my business, I did enjoy it at times. But for all you being so rude to those who really seem to need it, why are you being so unkind. Some people are just learning how to take pictures and need the help that Picnik offered. Some how I dont think them using it for there business is going hurt any one else’s business.
      Maybe there are other sites that are just as good as Picnik and as simple to use.  Just because a person may not be a PROFESSINAL photographer is no reason to be unkind and cridical of them. Just my thoughts. People in this world need to learn how to care about the feelings of others

  • georg

    I was always asking myself who is using this ….

  • Catchme1977ifyoucan

    Im a photographer and am about to die that picnik is closing!!!! Whats the new location name??????

    :(( D

  • Claire52149

    Catchme….you don’t want the new location.  Picnik sold us out to Google+ and it is pathetic.  Picnik forgot about the loyal subscribers who made them who they are.   GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Royce Barber

    Meh. I think this mini article is uninformed and misleading. Google bought it just recently, and never intended for it to stay out there. Google wants the parts to use in Picasa Web Album, where you’ll be able to keep using it but under a different interface. Google hasn’t even fully transitioned picnik, and people are saying dumb things like “Google is killing off it’s own photo editor!” Wrong, because it’s hardly Google’s, they bought it but never put their logo or anything on it. It’s lucky we all are getting to use it right now as it’s being shut down. Picnik SOLD OUT, so who knows if that’s good or bad, but good on Google for getting the idea to integrate it into their web of tools for everyone to use for…dun dun dunnn….FREEEEEEEEE.

  • Daisypagel

    This news has completely broke my heart! Picnik has been such a powerful tool in my small but growing photography business where ive been able to charge a minimum fee for services simply because my editor is very simple and highly effective. Google I do pray you will reconsider.


  • Daisypagel

    I agree and i’m in the same bind. I’m so saddened by their decision.

  • Sarahthehopingprincess

    oh… i hate google plus photo editor! and now they would like to shutdown picnik…because of picnik i got more fan on my blog…i wish that picnik never shut and all of the prenium will become FREE…

  • Sms70032

    Just because one owns a camera, it does not make him/her a photographer.  Lots of “professional” photographers think they are pros, just because they own high powered cams.  I’ve seen soooooo many crappy pix by pro photogs, because they just don’t have a natural eye for it.  Just cuz you learn it in school, get a degree, certificate or whatever, doesn’t make you an artist.  It should come naturally.  Personally, Picnik is so damn easy, who the heck wants to use a pro program (which I have and use, and it’s a pain in the azz), when you can do simple editing with Picnik?  If one is THAT good of a photographer (pros), very little editing is necessary. 

  • Shakilabano

    Just wanted to let everyone know who loves picnic just the way it is and
    doesn’t want to join google+ that picnic have their own website which
    has exactly the same features, is free (collage and a few new features
    will be coming soon). It is Pheeewwwww

  • Luxury Accommodations Blog

    Just found out about PicMonkey. Seems interesting! 

  • Mcbarries

    Good for you – the poor troll have no brain, is selfish and arrogant

  • LoveLife

    Yes, is pretty neat… Other good ones i found after the Picnik news were:
    BeFunky,  Photoscape  /  Pizap
    All 3 are pertty great!!!!!

  • Lunita Bonita

    nomamen zuaz xk lakitaron noma ke poka yokeria editar fotoz jum :/

  • RD

    agreed Mantis.  what are the rest of you, the photo editing teacher police?!

  • Rayspencer

    Why close down Picnik, I used it several times everyday and I think many other people did. I doubt that there are any better photo editing suites. Its bad news.


    idk but i know im not there fan -.- im a site model and now im not geting as much offers cuz i dont have enough effects. fuck google they should rot in hell….

  • Denise Ventura

    i will not edit anymore bec. my fav. site is already gone pls. make a solution for this i’m very dissapointedi want picnik back

  • Kaj4life

    Really freakin missing picnik :C

  • Herisawesome

    only if u have flash on your computer which i conveniently dont! picnik was so much better i miss it why they shut it down i dont understand.

  • O OPA


  • Joanie Shower

    how do u get to the google plus editor have an account but cant get to it :(

  • Aleksandrabcd

    Joanie Shower, SAME HERE. I have no idea how to get into the creative kit! I really miss picnik. 

  • Aleksandra Buivydas

    Hey everyone, I found a website that is very similar to Picnik™!! It’s called!!! It’s amazing!!

  • Aleksandra Buivydas it’s just like picnik :D 

  • Aleksandra Buivydas :D 

  • shaunna

    Thank you so much love picmonkey!!! very easy