An Always-On Case That Becomes One With Your Compact Camera

The Always-On Wrap-Up is a nifty camera case that attaches to your camera via the tripod mount. The case never gets separated from your camera, and all you need to do is unwrap it to take a picture. It costs $6 over on Amazon, and there’s also a version with a built-in tripod that costs $9.

Always-On Wrap-Up [Amazon]

  • Anonymous

    It wouldn’t be useful for my compact cameras, because the memory card slot cover is on the bottom.  Unless I wanted to dig out the lame proprietary cables.

  • Michael Zhang

    Ah, yeah. That’s a good point

  • Thomas Valenzuela

    yeah, that is the problem I have with my sony cover for my old cybershot….similar design as this one, but with hard leather for protection.

  • Darren Ward Photo

    A lot of 35mm manual cameras had similar cases, usually made from leather.  You could flip the top half back or remove it entirely for use and the bottom part was attached to the tripod thread.
    Only problem was you needed to remove the bottom part to change film because the back of the leather case blocked the door on the back of the camera.

  • Steve-o

    hm.. i’ve been selling these for 4-5 years now…

  • Phil

    Yeah LowePro has had this very same thing out for a while.  Nothing new other than the tripod version.

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been using the lowenpro wrap around that this is a ripoff of for for 3-4 years.  and btw, it’s extremely easy to turn the bottom of this perpendicular to the camera to open the battery/SD card door.