Light as the Subject of Photographs

Photographer Alexander Harding has a beautiful project titled “Visible Light” in which he turns light itself into the subject of photographs.

Other photographs in the series show light in different forms, whether it’s as reflections in water drops or as a rainbow in a sprinkler. Check out the entire series here.

Visible Light by Alexander Harding (via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Alexander Harding and used with permission

  • Richard Ford

    Nice photos of all the air borne dust….

  • Mike Pepin

    My first thought too.  I like the concept but the artist should be honest, those are pictures of dust.

  • Anonymous

    This content is worth its weight in gold, it was my pleasure to stumble upon it.

  • Mr.New

    Where you you find a room with no dust??

  • Richard Ford

    Never been to a data centre?  Hospital?  Semi conductor fab?

  • Mike Pepin

    If you took those pictures in a dustless room, there would be no “rays of light”.  The dust is necessary to create the image, its just disingenuous to call it a picture of light.  Every picture is a picture of light bouncing off of something, in this case dust.

  • Flgraphics

    technically.. light is always the subject.

  • Phill

    I love these images
    Dust or light they are still very original

  • Alexander Harding

    Just to be clear. There’s no dust in these pictures