Breathtaking Murmuration of Starlings Caught on Camera

Sophie Windsor Clive was canoeing on the River Shannon in Ireland when she came across one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenon: a murmuration of starlings. This is when vast numbers of starlings fly together in giant, cloud-like formations. Luckily for Sophie, she had her camera handy.

Here are some other photographs of murmurations (which make for awesome photographs):

Image credit: A murmuration of starlings (3) by ad551, watching the murmur flow by SteveMcN, Alot of Starlings by snapp3r, A murmuration of starlings (1) by ad551, 1..Snake about to chomp Buzzard ! by snapp3r

  • SteelToad

    Would that people could only cooperate so well ..

  • Matty

    That is amazing. Wow. Right place at the right time. 

  • Will Swanson

    I watched this on my tiny ipod screen and I still felt like I was on a rollercoaster! Quite  incredible!

  • qka

    In the US, they’re an invasive species and vermin on the wing. Their flight is enchanting though.

  • Singler

    It’s like a bird flash mob

  • Mr. T in DC

    Beautiful, but as noted above they’re an introduced species from Europe and judging by their numbers here, they’re surely displacing indigenous songbirds from their habitats. :(

  • patrick dinneen

    A flock of them used to do this ove my neighbourhood every day for a few weeks last year. Stunning to watch but you had to avoid their ‘ariel bombardment’. Here’s a photo I took:

  • Tania

    Hello, this video was taken in Europe!

  • Marestail

    “Vermin”?? We have Starlings in Canada & I don’t think we consider them in that light. As in the USA, they are an introduced species…kind of like us. Invasive like us, too?

  • Lafrance


  • Me

    People do cooperate pretty well too. It’s how we get hospitals and such.

  • Marcirio Leite

    Maravilha!!! parece um cardume de sardinha, que lindas imagens.

  • Ichin

    For some reason this brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful. 

  • Lavender1905

    If I had seen this and been alone & without camera at the time, I would have thought I was hallucinating. Or that God was talking to me or something……

  • Smith

    Best reply of the century.