Random Fact: Nikon 52mm Lens Caps Fit Perfectly on Most Beverage Cans

Here’s a fun entry to add to your brain’s collection of “totally random facts about the world”: Nikon’s 52mm lens caps will fit neatly on most beverage cans. 52mm isn’t just a common diameter for camera lenses… it’s also an international standard diameter for can tops!

Sorry Canonites, your lens caps don’t really work for this.

Image credit: Photograph by kokotron and used with permission

  • Anonymous

    Slow news day?

  • Georgian Constantin

    Finally a good enough reason to make me switch to nikon.

  • Charles Mason

    petapixel doesn’t only post news. there’s plenty of camera sites for people who only want news

  • Anonymous

    No really?  ;-)

  • Harrison Cronbi

    If only new lenses came with a ring-pull to open them for the first time…

  • Amando96

    My sigma cap fits.

    Don’t want sugar residue on my lens though, thanks.

  • Stephan Zielinski

    Now I’m imagining John Belushi saying, “No Canon.  Nikon.”

  • 8fps

    Great find. Helps through the day…

  • Photomiser

    Yeah, but a soda can has awful distortion unless you stop it down to at least f/11

  • Anonymous

    No dice for Canon FD or Pentax lens caps either. Damn. 

  • Strappado8

    kokotron ftw :D

  • troll, late on the scene

    It’s a true Nikon.