The Basics of Photography by National Geographic

Here’s a helpful 22-page guide by National Geographic that explains many of the basic concepts of photography, from lens types to composition. It’s a free excerpt taken from the 400-page book “National Geographic Ultimate Field Guide to Photography“, and is a great read for anyone just starting out.

National Geographic Photography Basics [National Geographic]

  • Seth Christie

    400 page field guide? That’s an oxymoron.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    That’s NG for you. They love oxymorons.

  • will hall

    As you say, it’s mostly just the basics. For that there are probably better examples out there, i.e with a bit more illustration! However I hadn’t heard of split field filters before…

  • Anonymous

    Was doing research for an article I hav e to write for a class this site helped quite a lot thanks!

  • National Geographic

    There are so many channels are available with the help of which people can easily learn the quality art like photography and one among such channels is national geographic channel. photography always been a passion for most of the youngsters and this can be theĀ  fruitful solution for them to learn especially in the beginning stages.

  • Gypsy

    Your links are reversed. Second one is for the free PDF guide, first one if for the 400 page book.