Use the Self Timer on Your Camera for Spinning Child Shots

Here’s a fun photo project you can do with any small kid (preferably not a stranger’s): spinning shots. All you have to do is set the self timer on your camera to automatically take a shot while it’s hanging around your neck. While it’s counting down, grab the child by the arms and spin them around. If luck is on your side, the photograph will show a clear subject, happy face, and motion-blurred background.

If you do try this kind of shot, be sure you hold onto the child tightly!

Image credits: Spinning Around 2 and Spinning Around 1 by DennisWetzel, Spin the Offspring by Rafe Abrook, spinning kid and spinning kid… always by Mr Din. Used with permission.


    in the 4th pic that child looks just a tad bit terrified. lol

  • Benjamim Daniel

    Okay.. I’ve tried and get dizzy… I’m on the floor right now..

  • jeni

    None of these photos seem to have a sharp area in them…maybe because the camera is moving around also. And that one child looks like he’s scared for his life or something

  • Tyler

    I feel like you’re implying that sharp photos = good photography.  I think that’s sad.

  • Anonymous


    If it’s not tack sharp and 24mp, then it’s total crap.  No other consideration matters, except maybe how many frames per second the camera was running when it was captured.

  • Mark Fogarty

    Kid #4: Stop the world, I want to get off.

  • Anonymous

    Scared kid’s teeth are tack sharp.  

  • Anonymous

    Celine Dion impersonation (aka photo #1) is the best one in my opinion.  Great expression!  #3 is next best.

  • Yoh765

    Neat idea! Might get a good shot.

  • Mauricio Munuera

    #4 “Daddy, why you tryin’ kill me?”

  • Delparto

    tried and broke me lense. =))

  • patrick dinneen

    I was thinking of trying this too but how do you stop the camera from flying away from your body…or even facing the right way?

  • Rafe Abrook

    Kid 3 was my shot taken a year ago. Need to try again now that I’m a year wiser. Sharpness is very difficult to obtain when camera is strapped to your waist!

  • Anonymous

    Great shot!  Love his expression.

  • Anonymous

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  • Blorgis

    I did this and my child’s arms came off.  Now he’s lying on the floor getting blood all over my brand new carpet.  Thanks a lot.

  • Amando96

    Hate it when that happens

  • Nancy

    I’ve read numerous times in articles by doctors that doing this to children can seriously injure their shoulder sockets. Their muscles aren’t developed enough to withstand the strain. Best not to risk hurting your child just for the sake of your own photo fun.

  • Julieantillonphotography

    It is very important that the child be squeezing your thumb or wrist while you have a firm grip on their wrist….by having them squeeze, they tighten their muscles and ligaments so there is less chance of pulling a joint out of it’s socket.