Crazy Rolling Shutter World Captured by Camera Attached to Helicopter Rotor

You’ve probably seen videos showing the rolling shutter effect turning airplane propellers into boomerangs, but what if the camera was attached to the spinning object rather than pointed at it? mguw of Helidigital decided to find out by attaching a small camera to the rotorhead of an RC helicopter, synchronizing the RPM of the rotor to the scan rate of the camera. The result is an uber-trippy video in which reality is bended through the rolling shutter effect.

  • Spider- Man

    I think I just had a complex migraine! COOL! 

    Love it

  • Lifethruthelens2009

    Hmm…i’ll get back to you. Once my brain heals…

  • Matty


  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Freakin sweet!

    For anybody who’s into this, I recently created a flickr pool for rolling shutter art –

  • Foto/SFX

    In 1996 I was working for Ewert’s Photo-Scientific in Santa Clara CA. Our company sold several Nikon F5 bodies with modified bulk backs to NASA to install on rotor heads. Each of the cameras was eventually destroyed when the rotors failed. But it gave a great view if the way the rotor blades flexed at certain RPM’s. Great video.

  • RaptureofEdes

    wow, that was a quite a waste of time!

  • Anonymous