Insane Wingsuit BASE Jump in Slow Motion with Twixtor

Earlier this year, daredevil BASE jumper Jeb Corliss leaped off a cliff in Switzerland in a wingsuit and wearing 5 separate GoPro cameras. One of the things Corliss did afterward was create this ethereal slow-motion video with the footage using Twixtor, the artificial slowmo program that has become quite popular as of late.

Here’s the regular-speed video, which has amassed millions of views already since being posted a few weeks ago:

Here’s one of the slow-mo clips in real-time, just to give you an idea of how fast Corliss was flying:

Thanks for the tip, Harry!

  • fetidpants

    Did he do jump more than once? Why does the guy holding balloons dive in slo-mo but not in the real-time video you link to?

  • SteelToad

    Why a carbon fiber helmet, seriously, would it make any difference ?

    Still, it’s an AMAZING thing to watch

  • KMF

    Here’s another very low flyby, you can see the grass whirl around after they pass.

  • Victor

    this flight through the narrow gorge isn’t at the Eiger – he jumped off one off the peaks of the Churfirsten in eastern Switzerland, above the Walensee lake

  • Michael Zhang

    Got it, thanks for catching that. Post updated

  • Antony Edmonds

    I noticed the same thing.  Is this real?

  • Dan

    He hits a bird in the last fly over, when the guy jumps out of the way.

  • Dan

    He hits a bird in the last fly over, when the guy jumps out of the way.

  • Dan

    He hits a bird in the last fly over, when the guy jumps out of the way.

  • Richard

    I think there are numerous guys with balloons, not just the one. Maybe two different clips.

  • David Williams

    All very nice. Anybody know the music used in this video?

  • dave

    Sail by Awolnation on the album Megalithic Symphony

  • dave

    The slow motion video is playing Boadicea by Enya.

  • Anonymous

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  • iamtibo

    There is a documentary about this guy on Channel4.
    You can watch it here:

  • David Williams

    Thank you, kind sir.

  • Dan Stone

    different attempts, he jumps out of the way in one because Jeb was low even for him! :D
    anyone notice he has the gopros doubled up in the way people use them for 3d?  wonder if he is planning something :P

  • Dan Stone

    it wouldn’t but when the chute opens and people make contact with the ground people still get head injurys then, also landing in trees is pretty common….. and good for mounting cameras on :D 

  • Steve789

    Wrong again, its Ready or Not from the Fugees, only the instrumental version.

  • ChuckDCLXVI


    Fugees sampled Enya’s Boadicea for that song. Credit where credit is due, and there is no credit due to the Fugee’s for that track. It’s Enya.