Hotel to Offer Polaroid Cameras and Instant Film in Guest Room Mini-bars

Next time you’re on vacation and find yourself without a camera, try checking the mini-bar in your hotel room. Ace Hotel has announced that the mini-bar in each of their guest rooms will be stock with a refurbished Polaroid camera and limited edition packs of Ace Hotel branded Impossible Project B&W instant film. If you don’t plan on staying at any of their hotels, you can also purchase the branded kits through their website for $150 each.

(via Ace Hotel via PSFK)

  • Anonymous

    Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, Saaay No More!

  • Ollie4080

    Like this! But $150?! bit much

  • Anonymous

    Just the thing for capturing those intimate moments with your outcall dominatrix!

  • Mr.New

    But, unfortunately, they ran out of stock! 

  • Ed

    you can get the cameras on the Impossible website

  • hotel deals

    very nice idea, I always forget the camera at home