Stunning Time-Lapse Portrait of Los Angeles at Night

It took six months of on and off shooting for photographer Colin Rich to create this amazing time-lapse video showing Los Angeles at night. He used a Canon 5D that’s still chugging along after 120,000 actuations. Be sure to watch it in HD and in fullscreen!

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Mike

    That – was pretty freakin’ awesome. Thanks for sharing, Michael.

  • Digicana

    Very Ron Fricke-esque — makes me want to fire up Koyaanisqatsi again!

  • Cloudface

    I felt an ¬†intense nostalgia (hopefully misplaced) on seeing this…

  • Njy860

    Amazing…. I can’t breathe when I see this video. oh… It is like a ‘homesick’. Fabulous. !

  • Sidetracked

    Beautiful and strangely emotional.  Thanks for creating it and sharing it.

  • Guido

    Wait, so that was done with a D-SLR camera, not a movie camera? Simply amazing!